Tag: Dragonmarked House


  • House Deneith

    *House Deneith*

    _“Galifar lies in ruins, destroyed by its own folly, but our rights and duties cannot be set aside. Our oaths bind us still. Let those who would oppose the law …

  • House Ghallanda

    *House Ghallanda*

    _“You look at me and see a simple innkeeper, harmless and jolly. But I know five places where you can find dreamlily in this city. I know two members of the …

  • House Jorasco

    *House Jorasco*

    _“Time alone will not heal your friend. I would very much like to help him, but I am bound by my oath. Do you wish to pay now, or shall we wait and see if the …

  • House Kundarak

    *House Kundarak*

    _“’It takes an anvil to shape an axe’ is a proverb our Mror clansfolks are fond of repeating. What few remember is how the original proverb ends: ‘But it takes …

  • House Lyrandar

    *House Lyrandar*

    _“Sovereigns and firstborn, grant me the four blessings promised to our people: dominion over the air, dominion over the water, fortune for my family, and …

  • House Medani

    *House Medani*

    _“Let the other houses bluster and call us ‘upstart’. When they realize we hold the keys that can release the secrets of the Five Nations, they will learn …

  • House Orien

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    *House Orien*

    _“I specialize in fast, efficient …

  • House Phiarlan


    *House Phiarlan*

    _“We are the shadow – the border …

  • House Thuranni

    *House Thuranni*

    _“Only from the shadows can one see clearly. Illumination waits for those who dare to step out of the light”_ -Taen d’Thuranni, bright phantasm of the Shadow …

  • House Vadalis

    *House Vadalis*

    _“Through the marriage of magic and nature, we have discovered the path to perfection. Every new generation better than the old. Every form stronger, tougher, …