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Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 3 Chapter 18 - The weight of politics

A few days passed in a blur.

The children were successfully rescued, but a number of them no longer had any families to come home to due to the devastation wrought by the angry frozen fae at what had quickly become labeled “The Carnival of Tears”.

The Church of the Silver Flame was quickly converted into quarters for the wounded and maimed as our heroes quarantined the area of the Carnival until every bit of evidence could be gathered from the scene.

Boudreaux and his rangers contained the scene while Tarvis and his investigators/spies combed the area with The Scaleri Brothers overseeing the operation. Many of the original carnies that belonged to the actual Shadow Carnival had not escaped the wrath of the fae, the most poignant example being the 30 bodies of slain clowns removed from a single carnival wagon.

Namdrin Quinn the master of ceremonies for the Carnival of Shadows was taken into custody without resistance. His wife was placed in protective care at the Silver Flame Church to monitor her condition as she was still sickly despite waking from her slumber. Mr. Raconteur, manager of Basilia Baxton was sticking around but had not been formally charged with anything.

It also became clear that Waterview the capital was not the only city to come under attack. Grauk informed Boudreaux that the lumberjack town off to the west inside the Narlmarches Forest, Tatzlford, had waged a retreating battle through the night against a number of hostile frozen fae. A decent portion of the forest had been set on fire as a defensive measure and the chaos of the two forces clashing was evident even from the air.

Surprisingly, the members of the small town were largely unscathed. The forces of the local Fae Court run by Tiressia the dryad and her consort Falchos the satyr. Honoring their word to give assistance to the kingdom of Valdrik members of her court rushed to the aid of the lumberjacks as the frozen fae descended from the open portal to Thelanis into the forest proper.

Falchos and Akiros Ismort spoke briefly with Boudreaux in confidence…pressing the issue that the ruling council think long and hard before releasing any official answer as to what happened with this attack. While it was true that this terrible tragedy was caused by Fae, they also came to the defense of Tatzlford. With the uncertain feelings of anger, sadness and remorse present in the commoners mindset after this tragedy it would be a small push to have someone quickly calling for “Revenge against the Fae” with little distinction as to who would face that angry mob’s wrath should it come to that…

Our heroes were faced with a conundrum. With information still being gathered as to what happened and more importantly how it happened the pressure was rising to give an official statement as to an official declaration from the rulers as to what occured, who was to blame, and how they would be punished for it.

There was also the question of what to do about the children and the numerous deceased. The final body count from the carnival was over 500 men and women, leaving a number of children without living relatives. Drawing money from the treasury would not be enough to bring everyone back to life – assuming they were A) willing and B) had a body left to resurrect in the first place….and anything less than 100% on the part of the official kingdom would just cause unrest among the rest of the population.

Boudreaux on the other hand had issue with not doing anything…especially with his access to Reincarnation. With the most unlikeliest of circumstances (as Alanea’s player handed me the Plot Twist Card – What are the odds?) Over the following week Boudreaux was able to Reincarnate at least one parent for every child that would have been an orphan (getting their original race too!), or at least discover extended family for them back in Khorvaire. It wasn’t a perfect answer, but it was the best they could do.

Namdrin and Mr. Raconteur were separately called in for questioning. Not only would Namdrin be facing charges from Valdrik, but his actions endangered important resources for House Phiarlan the price of which would at least be Exoriation if not death.



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