Valerie Anona Ardovini d'Lyrandar


Valerie grew up in Shaarn, mostly, attending Morgrave at her step father’s insistence. He always pushed her to be the best she could in everything she did, pressuring her to “be someone someday.” Her stepfather had married very young, but his wife died giving birth to a daughter. Valerie’s 5 years older stepsister was given everything she ever wanted. Fawned upon by her grieving father. She was brilliant in school and developed her dragonmark at a young age and was always viewed as being something of a prodigy. Needless to say, she was not pleased when her daddy dearest remarried out of loneliness and she ended up with a rival for her father’s attention. Valerie’s stepsister did everything she could to make Valerie’s life miserable growing up. Valerie was 4 when they married, her stepsister 9. Since then, the couple has had other children, who all adore Valerie and none of which have gained Roberta’s ire like Valerie did.

Valerie’s mother has spent much of her time traveling wherever the house tells her to, doing odd jobs that no one else would want to do out in rural areas. Her punishment for her indiscretions. She has little choice given her place in the family after her mysterious pregnancy. She never told anyone who the father was, claiming to have hit it off with another halfelf at a masquerade ball and “things happened” after too much to drink.

Valerie’s position in House Lyrandar is… complicated. Her mother— disgraced but not excoriated because of her strong dragonmark abilities and former standing— remarried to a middling lord of the house which helped her own standing only slightly. Of course, her mother’s disgrace was not Valerie’s and so the girl’s standing technically was not diminished, especially once she had her stepfather backing her. While never as highly respected as her mother, at first she was held in high hopes from many of the house families. Of course, after the fiasco that was her mental breakdown and injury during her Test of Siberys, whispers began circulating about her being something of a curse… After all, while her mother’s disgrace was her own doing… it was the pregnancy that caused her downfall. Plus, she was always such a strange child… more interested in learning and tinkering with her toys than in learning to sail or other common House Lyrandar activities.

What exactly happened during Valerie’s testing is up for debate. She herself isn’t entirely sure what happened. With the pressure she was under, she just lost it somehow. Her left arm, while not completely destroyed, was rendered useless. Some time after the accident— while her mother was away on house business— she was approached by a servant of House Cannith. The man refused to give his name, but explained to her that his master had been working with an experimental technology. A way for her to regain use of her arm. She followed him to what was obviously a temporary workshop and without permission— or even informing her mother or step-father— she consented to the surgery that gave her the prosthetic arm that she has now.

The man who preformed the surgery was obviously a member of House Cannith. He was kind and brilliant. To this day the only man whom Valerie has every truly looked up to, even moreso than her step-father who always said he only wanted the best for her and was always as understanding as he could be. The man refused to give his name, telling her only to call him “Father Lee” and that he would be keeping an eye on her, no matter what happens or where she goes. He even gave her a signal that she could use to notify him. Just in case she should have any problems with the mechanisms of the arm he had created for her.

Valerie’s Theme Songs:

Character Theme – Haters

Mother: Anna Colleen D’Lyrandar
Stepfather: David Mathieu Evered D’Lyrandar
Stepsister: Roberta Catherine Evered D’Lyrandar
Half-siblings: Jackalyn Nadia (13 years old), Sara Garnette (11 years old), Carl Ignatius (6 years old)

Valerie Anona Ardovini d'Lyrandar

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