Septim Garess

A professional mercenary hired by the Storm Lords to reinforce Oleg's Trading Post


An experienced soldier with a mean looking greatsword on his back.


An aging Blademark of House Deneith in his 30’s, Septim moved to Stormreach a decade ago after distancing himself from House Deneith over a private matter. While still tangentially connected to Deneith any promise of a good future has been all but destroyed.

Determined to make something of his life with what time he has left, Septim has been taking odd jobs as a mercenary in Stormreach – taking jobs that were considered crazy or paid too little.

Apparently traveling out to the wilderness of Xen’drik to guard a trading post is one such mission.

Friend of Korin d’Kundarak from their time paling around Stormreach together.

Septim Garess

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