An elderly Lizardfolk living in a thatch cottage some miles east of Oleg's Trading Post. Crotchety old potion maker.


Able to create potions up to 2nd level from the Adept List


Bokken is an aging lizardfolk, a rare species in Khorvaire.
The signs of age are evident to anyone with eyes. The discoloration of scales, the slightly drooping jowl beneath his jaws, using a nicely decorated cane to assist in his walking. The grumpy attitude could be age or simply from being a lizardfolk it’s hard to determine at this point.

But overall Bokken is a businessman, running a humble potion shop in the ass-end of nowhere in Xen’drik. Because of this the old lizard seems to have an understanding with Korin d’Kundarak, even offering an incentive for discounts on his potions – if the group can bring back enough fangberries from a patch a good 50-60 miles south of here.


Kingmaker in Eberron bofdm