Kingmaker in Eberron

Chapter 02 - Why don't you do right

Wherein the party interrogates the surviving bandits.

Why don’t you do right?

Kingmaker Adventure Log – Book 1 Chapter 2

Our Adventurers began the session right where they left off, interrogating both surviving bandits. Facing the options of either a short drop and a sudden drop or spilling the beans that they know both bandits decided to give up all of the goods they could. Especially with the promise of not getting their asses killed.

But the PCs weren’t entirely benevolent to the bandits. They would be keeping the two around Oleg’s until their information could be investigated and the rest of the bandit gang was disbanded. Both bandits informed the group that they were working for a tough SOB named Kressle, a lady bandit who joined up with the stag lord’s gang about two months ago after a bunch of bandits attempted to rob and rape Kressle herself.

A few quick murders with her pair of handaxes quickly erased any thoughts of rape. Kressle continued her murder spree all the way to the Stag Lords fort where the Stag Lord himself, impressed by her skill immediately made her part of his gang.
Since then Kressle has been in charge of running the bandit camp at the Thorn River and monitored the coming and going of the various bandits as well as enjoying the occasional tussle in bed with Happs Bydon – the poor schmuck that was punished via greataxe for his terrible fiscal policies.

In addition to learning about the bandits and their general location to the south of Oleg’s, Frank and Svetlana agreed to watch over their bandit charges for now – agreeing to keep them locked up at the trading post until the other bandits were taken care of.

Realizing that the Stag Lord himself (if he is even real) doesn’t seem to keep track of his own bandits (at least not the basic guys out in the field) the group took the four Silver Stag pendants from each of the defeated/deceased bandits for later plans of infiltration. From what they gathered Kressle was a little more on the ball as to which bandits were working for whom so infiltration an unlikely success there at least.

Frank also pointed out to the group that he frequently gets requests on his handy-dandy Request Board™ where other travelers put up requests.

(Here the group became alerted to the following quests: Moon Radish Soup, Kobolds in the Hills, Wanted: Tuskgutter, Wanted: Bandits, Wanted: Tatzylwyrm, and Svetlana’s Ring)

Taking note of the requests and with the day being only barely past dawn since their encounter with the bandits, the group spent the rest of the day exploring the Hex on their map. (While it does not seem explicitly stated, I have agreed that exploring a single hex at least alerts the group to the terrain types of the surrounding Hexes, as well as pointing out Landmark Locations if there are any.)

The next day the group headed Southwest from Oleg’s into the forest, figuring on their way to the Bandit Camp run by Kressle (referred to by the party as Croissant) they can track down some Moon Radishes for Svetlana.

And encounter them they do! Unfortunately at the same time the group came across the arrow-head shaped clearing in the forest that contained the radishes, they also came across four Kobolds that had eaten themselves sick.
Dragging themselves to their feet and barking out bravely in Draconic the Kobolds prepared to fight to the death to defend their radish patch. Death to the intruders! They would take not a single step more through Kobold Territory! This is not just a fight for the radish patch…it is a fight for the honor and dignity of all Kobolds everywhere! CHARGEEEE!

The four kobolds charged bravely into the fray, and like the first soldiers off the boat at Normandy were quickly struck down by the adventurers. One managed to get a stab into Valerie before being swiftly murdered. Gathering up all the radishes they could carry and stacking most of them into the extra saddle bags on their horses the group moved on.

The group rested that night in the forest, with Korin on 1st Watch, Valerie on 2nd, and Tarvis on 3rd. Alanea and Sidney being the primary casters they were allowed to sleep the entire night undisturbed (though they agree to shift off Watch shifts in the future). Valerie wasn’t sure what happened but at some point during her watch she simply closed her eyes for a moment and then found herself being woken up by Tarvis.

Tarvis, still a country boy at heart can rarely ever sleep in despite his new station of wealth. Reaching for his trusty quarterstaff as he woke, he didn’t find it. In fact…no one’s weapons were around. Becoming alarmed at the predicament he quickly woke everyone up including Valerie who got a stern look from the other Lyrandar Half-elf.

Valerie wasn’t sure what happened or how her blankets and pillows even got outside her tent to where she had curled up on the ground. Looking around both Sidney and Alanea realized where their weapons were….point up there, at the top of that tree.

Sure enough all the weapons of the group were perched precariously on the top branches of the nearest tallest tree a good 25 feet off the ground. Valerie easily climbed the tree to help gather up the weapons while Tarvis used mage hand to retrieve some as well. No one was quite sure what had happened but they ruled out Bandits or Kobolds since they were still alive.

The group decided to continue South East looking for the Bandit Camp and found themselves traveling though some hilly plains. While passing by a particularly nice looking crag, Korin’s money sense began tingling (having made the perception check because it related to stones) and he spotted a small hole about big enough for a medium sized creature to descend under the hill. Tying a rope around a nearby tree and then around himself, Korin declared he would now hold the rope for anyone who wanted to climb down the hole.
Valerie, being the resident rogue agreed to climb down into the cave – mouth nearly hitting the floor in surprise after she realized that the shiny glittering stones across the 30-ft diameter cave were all Khyber Dragonshards…and not just that, but if her appraisal was correct this was the beginning of a vein of them!

The group noted the location on their map, deciding to come back later when they could fully utilize the hill and hopefully start a mine of some sorts. Covering the entrance so others would not find it the group spent the rest of the day exploring the Hex and noting the terrain types of the surrounding Hexes.

Realizing that the Hex both to their immediate West and SouthWest both had a River running through it (and thinking back to the information the bandits gave them the camp was supposed to be somewhere along a river…) the group rested for the evening…
Tonight Sidney had 1st Watch, Valerie had 2nd again, with Alanea having the 3rd Watch. Again on Valerie’s turn something felt weird for a moment…Valerie’s eyes closed…and then her player handed me the Plot Twist Flashback Card – Déjà vu! Determined to not let the same thing happen to her once again Valerie managed to shake off the weird effect. Looking around unfortunately she did not see anything near the camp site. Just in case though Valerie woke up Alanea since it was getting close to her shift anyways…Alanea ever the inquisitive learner used detect magic and saw a lingering aura of both enchantment on Valerie, and an abjuration effect on Valerie’s Rapier. Taking another look at the evidence Alanea came to the conclusion that these events were likely the cause of mischievous Fae.

The next day the group headed West and back into the forest. Tarvis quickly managed to pick up a trail of horses and booted people and followed, quickly discovering the trail remained parallel to the nearby river.
Finally the group discovered the Bandit Camp! It looked like there was a sentry posted in the camp in a camouflaged wooden tree-house-thing on the eastern side where the party was approaching from…with the rest of the group holding back Valerie agreed to sneak in unseen to try and take care of the sentry.

Making her way carefully up into the tree, Valerie delivered a deadly blow with her rapier stabbing the bandit through the heart, covering his mouth so he wouldn’t make any noises with her artificial hand. The attack had begun…

And that’s where we will pick up next time!

Quotes of the Session
Korin, kicking in the door to the storage shed to interrogate the first bandit. “HAVE I GOT A DEAL FOR YOU!”
Bandit: “Please don’t kill me and stop yelling!”
Tarvis: “Yeah I don’t think he has a volume knob.”

Valerie, upon seeing the Khyber Dragonshards within the cave: “Did I fall off the rope, die and go to heaven!?”

Valerie: “That thing that happened last night just tried to happen again!”
Tarvis: “What thing? That thing where you curled up in your blankets and fell asleep?”

Tarvis: “He’s just a human, he can’t see very well.” On the fact that Sidney is the only one of the party without the ability to see in low or no light.
Sidney: “I see everything I need to cigar puff.”

XP Gained: 187 each.
XP until Level 2 – 1212



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