Kingmaker in Eberron

Chapter 01 - Beyond the Sea

Our group of heroes arrive in Stormreach and proceed into the untamed jungles of Xen'drik

We turn the first pages of the book, learning of our intrepid band of adventurers and their destination across the ocean.

The Twelve. A Think Tank organization comprised of all of the Dragonmarked Houses. Each of our heroes received their orders from this powerful group. Whether by volunteering or being handed an order from their House, each participant in this grand experiment were handed an official Charter granting them authority on their mission. After the meeting of the Houses within the flying Ziggurat of the Twelve, the heroes traveled back to Sharn and boarded a House Lyrandar Wind Ghalleon headed towards Stormreach.

The Charter
“Be it so known that the bearer of this Charter has been charged by the organization of The Twelve, acting upon the greater good and authority vested within them by the offices of the Twelve Dragonmarked Houses has granted the right of exploration and travel within the wilderness region known as The Greenbelt. Exploration should be limited to an area no further than Thirty-Six Miles East and West and Sixty Miles South of Oleg’s Trading Post. The carrier of this Charter should also strive against banditry and other unlawful behavior to be encountered. The punishment for unrepentant banditry remains, as always, execution by sword or rope. So witnessed on this 24th Day of Olarune under watchful eye of the Patriarchs of the Dragonmarked Houses.”

The boat ride was eleven days – ample time for our heroes to study one another…most being strangers after all.

Our Player Characters…
Alanea Shercroft (d’Medani) (Half-elf Bard (Archaeologist) 1)
A 25 year old female somewhat introverted half-elf from House Medani, Alanea spent most of her youth with her face in a book. Multiple books. Perhaps even all of the books. Rather than possessing the knack for detective work that House Medani is known for, Alanea is a lover of history. Ancient knowledge, lost stories, histories of pre-human cultures…there’s so much knowledge just waiting to be rediscovered! Alanea finished her schooling in multiple subjects at Morgrave University in Sharn and received a degree in Archaeology.

Sidney Xavier d’Cannith – Dragonmarked Scion (Human Artificer 1)
The love child of Tony Stark and Maes Hughes, Sidney d’Cannith is a prodigy of House Cannith’s Southern Division with the ego to back it up. His impressive skills would have led to a promising career climbing the ladder of the House, having obtained a Dragonmark has all but assured it. His precise reasons for traveling to Xen’drik have yet to be revealed though if Sidney is looking to break into uncharted territory for the House – then Xen’drik is the perfect proving ground.

Korin d’Kundarak (Dwarf Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 1)
Relatively young by dwarven standards 50 year old Korin is from a great bloodline within the Kundarak House with four older brothers and two younger – each with a Dragonmark. Korin never manifested his own and has struggled to find his place within the house ever since. Still considered a Scion of the upper families of the House Korin could not find his place with the lower families…though due to his failure at the Test of Siberys his place among the higher families was shunned. Living most of his life in Stormreach Korin learned to make friends with other delinquents and oddballs, mostly from other Dragonmarked Houses. Unfortunately many of his friends died in the Last War. Those that did not are slowly moving into their twilight years. Largely written off by his parents Korin views the Charter to explore and tame Xen’drik as his best chance of proving himself to his family and House. Korin’s expertise is largely based in accounting and business management with an unfortunate streak of anger management issues. (One his direct influences is Terry Tate: Office Linebacker)

Tarvis Eathro d’Lyrandar (Half-elf Magus (Staff Magus) 1)
A gifted youth who lived on the streets of Aundair until being found by another member of House Lyrandar. Recognizing that the boy developed a Dragonmark, Tarvis was declared an ‘orphan’ and welcomed into House Lyrandar under the wing of his mentor. Since then Tarvis has grown into his station though to the rest of proper dragonmarked society he’s still ‘new money’. Xen’drik is a proving ground for Tarvis and his first venture out from under the wing of his mentor.

Valerie Anona Ardovini d’Lyrandar (Half-elf Rogue 1)
Valerie is another scion of House Lyrandar though her history differs greatly from Tarvis’. Other Dragonmarked Scions whisper behind Valerie’s back, saying that she is cursed. Valerie’s mother (Anna Colleen d’Lyrandar) was involved in a scandal after she became pregnant after having a little too much to drink at a masquerade ball. Normally such an implication, especially resulting in a pregnancy (since Dragonmarked Houses frequently hold arranged marriages and controlling bloodlines as a high priority for the continuation of Dragonmarked Lines…), was enough to hold the threat of Excoriation over Valerie’s mother…but after seeing her child was a half-elf, House Lyrandar decided not to punish the child for the mistakes of its parent. Eventually Valerie’s mother married another scion of the House (David Mathieu Evered d’Lyrandar), bringing a stern step-father into Valerie’s life along with a jealous step-sister (Roberta Catherine Evered d’Lyrandar) who never forgave her new ‘sister’ for having her father ‘marry down’ in the hierarchy of the House.
David’s stern hand with raising Valerie assured she got into good classes and received the best training though sometimes he pushed the young girl too hard. As with most scions of a Dragonmarked House, Valerie’s future built towards her eventual Test of Siberys to see if she would manifest a Dragonmark. The test went horribly wrong, and her left arm was mangled in the process.
Years have passed since then and the family has since been blessed with three new children. Jackalyn Nadia (13), Sara Garnette (11), and Carl Ignatius (6). Valerie loves her family though stayed out of the public eye as often as she could – eventually emerging back into the political light with a completely prosthetic left arm.

Shortly after arriving in Stormreach, Korin who grew up in the port city guided the rest of the group to the nearby House Orien Enclave where they received a weeks worth of rations and horses for their journey.

According to their Charter, and The Twelve, the group was to travel to the last bastion of civilization in the wilds of Xen’drik – Oleg’s Trading Post.

While the two day journey South of Stormreach was not dangerous for the party they did get to witness some of Xen’drik’s strangeness first hand.

Isolated Blizzards raging in specific areas of the jungle, not even changing the temperature outside of it. Strange Snakes that seem to hypnotize small mammalian creatures. Sand Sharks. Just gonna leave that at Sand Sharks.

The group was met warmly by the owners of Oleg’s Trading Post, Frank Leveton and Svetlana Leveton. Initially Svetlana greeted the group with stew, warm bread, some kind of tasty meat and even some wine however the couple were disappointed to find out that they were not the reinforcements from the Coin Lords of Stormreach they had been hoping for.

For the past three months the Levetons have been under the heel of a local group of bandits. The first time they arrived was with a dozen bandits – taking all the items of worth from the Trading Post including Svetlana’s wedding ring (which the head bandit laughingly called ‘compensation’ for not chopping off some of Frank’s fingers with her axe). The next month was only with six bandits, and the month after that was only five.

Not one to miss out on an enterprising venture, Korik d’Kundarak offered the services of their group to assist in alleviating the bandit ‘issue’ as a gesture of good will by The Twelve.

If their schedule was consistent – and there was no indication to the contrary – the bandits would be returning to rob the Trading Post tomorrow morning around an hour after dawn. The Levetons conspired with the heroes to setup an ambush – with Valerie and Frank planning on closing the doors of the Trading Post behind the bandits to trap them inside while the rest of the group hid in the Stables to burst out into the open when they least expected it!

Three bandits led by a mysterious man in a green cloak approached the trading post shortly after dawn, waltzing right in on their horses assuming the Levetons were sufficiently cowed.

MEANWHILE Korik began softly arguing amongst his team about the inefficiency of the bandits – completely robbing an area of all its goods every month? That was a terrible economic policy! The return of a fiscal year would yield less return over time, not to mention what the deficit would look like quarterly!

If the bandits overheard the economic debate they didn’t get a chance to react as Valerie and Frank began closing the gates of the Trading Post. Our heroes sprang into action with Korik rushing the lead bandit (who had just unslung his longbow from his shoulder) and chopping him in half with his trusty Greataxe.

The other three bandits who were still busy removing supplies from the store room had their faces frozen in terror at the sudden death of their leader which inadvertently allowed them to ignore the distracting rainbow attack washing over them from Tarvis.
Valerie, Korin, and Tarvis made quick work of the other three bandits however. While the last one standing surrendered, a quick check of the other two bodies discovered another bandit had survived though he was unconscious.

After checking on Frank and Svetlana to make sure they were okay the group agreed to take some of the bandits equipment (a composite longbow for Korin, some Alchemist’ Fire, and an Eternal Wand) they gave the rest – including the bandits horses – to the Levetons to help make up for some of their losses by the bandits. As a reward and to express their gratitude the Levetons gave the group a small bag of gold and some of the potions they had on hand…as well as offering to let them stay at the Trading Post free of charge for as long as they needed.

Next time! The interrogation of the surviving Greenbelt Bandits

Quotes from the Session
Korin: “THIS IS A TERRIBLE FISCAL POLICY!” upon charging the lead bandit and cutting him down with his max damage of 22, instantly killing the leader.

Alanea Quote: “I can promise you that the Dwarf won’t kill you.” While negotiating the surrender of the last bandit who was begging for his life.
Bandit: “I’ll take it.”

XP Earned
XP Needed to reach Level 2 – 2000
XP Earned Per Character – 601
XP until Level 2 – 1399



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