Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 3 Chapter 4 - The Peluda

The hapless teen, Pax Tera had been rescued from a death trap of shark-wielding Shambling Mounds with centipede swarms inside them. After calming him down from the chaotic scene he just witnessed and getting him some food and water, the group questioned Pax as to just what the heck had happened.

Pax admitted he had moved to Waterview fairly recently, gotten a room at one of the local Inns and after looking for a job managed to get one as a part time librarian. Auchs had been the one to hire him. After being on the job for a couple days he went home, went to sleep, and woke up chained to this tiny little spit of land in the middle of the lake.
Boudreaux convened with the local birds to discover if there were any suspicious goings on in the local area recently…while the birds couldn’t describe what had happened they did confirm that this ‘lake’ wasn’t here a few days ago. All the birds in the local area decided it would be a good idea to GTFO a few days back…and ever since coming back to the area found this new thing here.

Pax himself admitted to being a refugee from Cyre, didn’t really have a whole lot going on with his life and was trying to find something new in this…well the new kingdom. He didn’t have many skills, but during the time he was a POW he was put to use as a scribe so he learned how to organize stacks of books and keep records of communications, so he was hoping to use those skills to be a librarian-in-training.

Determining that Pax was safe now that he was with them, the group decided to continue exploring the southern border of their map, intending to add these hexes to their kingdom eventually. Continuing east out of the forest and into the plains of the Kamelands travel was relatively easy for a number of days until finally in a mix rolling plains with scattered hills our group ran into a strange creature…

It was the size of an elephant with legs to match, a long tail and long neck with a vicious looking set of teeth. The most noticeable bit about it however was the innumerable spikes sticking out of its body. The creature was celebrating the spoils of a recent kill – some other large creature that that had been slightly burnt and torn mostly to pieces. The creature raised its head, locked eyes with our group and bellowed a challenge.

Well that challenge was met! Ogg immediately rushed forth on his trusty steed, delivering a deadly blow (mounted combat with a lance for crazy damage) to the four legged creature, riding past it to what Ogg believed was a safe distance of 50 feet. Unfortunately, the creature turned and rushed to its attacker, whipped its tail around and knocked Ogg straight out of his saddle with an awesome blow…not just that but some of those spines from its tail had embedded themselves in the half-orc general and to his dismay felt like his blood was on fire as a deadly poison began coursing through his veins.

Eleanor and Aurum rushed into the battle biting and scratching at the terror, each becoming poisoned from its quills as they attacked. The creature was impaled by Ogg’s lance but even a normally mortal blow was not enough to drop this creature…as it began forcing itself deeper onto the lance its mouth opened up as Ogg saw a glowing red light making its way up the creature’s throat…that wasn’t going to be good.

The rest of the group engaged as best they could with spells, arrows, and healing until finally the creature was felled…even so the ticking time could prove fatal if no one acted quickly as Ogg, Eleanor, and Aurum were still poisoned. Without the ability to neutralize poison and provide lesser restoration from Cassie it was very likely that not only Ogg but Aurum and Eleanor may have died on that field despite the creature that caused the effect having been killed. Xen’drik is a strange place, and the fact that it should never be underestimated was reinforced that day.

On a more positive note though, Boudreaux was able to track down this creature’s lair which held a very impressive hoard of treasure.

After finally returning to the capital, Alanea was able to quickly identify the creature from descriptions and drawings as a previously-believed-to-be-myth creature known as a “Peluda”. The creature is a type of dragon despite not sharing the standard image of the flying intelligent color/metal based ones. Still not very intelligent, but definitely an apex predator. Legend has it that the creature sought out chivalrous knights to challenge, and that it had a fatal flaw – if it’s tail was ever severed the creature would immediately die.

Treasure Obtained
Scroll of Quench
Scroll of Waves of Fatigue
Wand of Invisibility (23 charges)
Dragonhide Plate (Brass)
Volatile Vaporizer
Potion of Nondetection
Potion of Rage
And various cash monies.



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