Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 3 Chapter 06 - Modern Comforts

Kingdom of Val’drik: Year 2, Turn 5 (Rhaan/September)
The kingdom officially reaches a size of 26+ Hexes.
The kingdom claimed the hexes containing the old trapdoor spider lair, and the forest hex that Gorum the Boggard lives in.
Improvements: Farm, Sawmill.
Buildings: Academy – Arcana Specialization (upgraded from the library)
Event: None

Year 2, Turn 6 (Sypheros/October)
The kingdom claimed the hexes containing Oleg’s Trading Post, the Lizardfolk Fort, and the forest hex North West of Candlemere.
Improvements: Farm, Fishery, Fishery, Road, Sawmill.
Buildings: Waterview – Bank.
Buildings: Tatzlford – Trade Shop, House
Event: Boomtown – The city of Waterview has had an economic boom! (Possibly due to the fact that it now has a bank). The Economy score increases by the number of buildings in that settlement that grant an economy bonus until the next Event Phase (end of turn 7). Corruption also increased by 2 (rolled by Korin).
Economy Bonus: +13

Mirasandra ir’ Thavar remained as the Viceroy for Val’drik until Valerie managed to return from the successful trial of Akiros Ismort. Respectfully stepping down after Valerie’s return, the council decided they wanted to have the Viceroy position officially filled as a regular position – and they had been wanting to grant Chief Sootscale some measure of autonomy within the Kobold caves for a long time so he was officially given a place on the council.

There was a lengthy discussion of a means for Akiros to pay back the council for their coverage of his trial expenses…based on most calculations it would take almost 30 to 40 years to pay back that amount on the standard salary of a soldier…and that was being generous. There was nothing settled upon just yet, though Tarvis had been discussing the possibility of drafting Akiros from time to time for some dangerous missions alongside some of the Scaleri Brothers (possibly putting together their own version of The Suicide Squad).

Much of the two months were spent exploring the majority of the northern and southern portions of their initial map to be able to claim them as part of their kingdom as they expand. The biggest spot of note as they explored was the “Burial Cairn” noted to them by the Narthropple Expedition sometime ago in the northwestern part of the map, just outside the Narlmarches forest. Mixed in with a thriving a large section of blackberry bushes, our heroes discovered a number of these cairns that had already been disturbed.

There was one cairn however that had been undisturbed thus far. Still a little uneasy with grave robbing, Boudreaux did take note of the remains of the skeletons from some of the other cairns that these are the bones of Giants. Most likely some ancient clan or tribe.

After completing the latest additions to their kingdom, it was finally time to celebrate another holiday in Val’drik – Wild Night, a holiday dedicated to The Fury, one of the Dark Six. Celebrated by the faithful and non-faithful alike, it takes place from sunset of the 18th of Sypheros until the morning of the 19th usually accompanied by a raucous festival atmosphere where folks vent their passions.

Next time on Kingmaker! Things get Wild…

XP Gained!
Hexes Explored – 21 – 4200xp
The Peluda – CR 10, 9600xp
Kingdom Size 26+ – 4000xp
Total – 17,800 / 5 = 3560 each



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