Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 3 Chapter 05 - Trials of Faith

Kingdom of Val’drik: Year 2, Turn 3 (Lharvion/July)
The kingdom claimed the hexes containing the Statue of Balinor and the Frog Pond.
Improvements: +1 Road, Sawmill built on the hex with the stable Fae Circle.
No buildings created this month.

Year 2, Turn 3 (Barrakas/August)
The kingdom claimed the hexes containing the Abandoned Ferry Station and a Plains Hex.
Improvements: +1 Road, Sawmill, Fishery
Buildings: Waterview – University with an Arcana specialization. Stockyard.
Events: Discovery: Scholars working under Alanea unearth new lore regarding the standing statue of Balinor within the kingdom’s lands. Fame increases by +1, and Lore increased by +4 (rolled by Alanea)

Over the course of two months a number of important events occurred. Pax was safely returned to town and was making impressive progress, especially as the library he was working at was renovated and added to the brand new University.

Alanea and Boudreaux were alerted by their respective departments that there was something they should see at the Statue of Balinor…

Traveling with a small retinue of scholars and woodsmen, Alanea and Boudreaux headed into the Narlmarches forest. The statue was discovered back in their early exploration of the area before they had taken out the Stag Lord and established their kingdom. It seemed to give evidence that some previous culture had also worshipped some aspect of the Sovereign Host, a fascinating bit of theological theory. While cleaning up the statue some scholars had discovered runes lying underneath the dirt and grime of the statue…but they had also discovered a camp site nearby that contained a recently missing person.

Approaching the clearing, the voice of an intoxicated man seemed to be having an angry conversation with the stone statue. Wearing dirty clothes and a scraggly beard was the ex-bandit and recent vigilante from justice Akiros Ismort. The man was on the verge of tears angrily shouting at the statue…”Where were you when I needed you huh? You turned your back on me damn you!” A bottle of alcohol was smashed against the statue as Boudreaux and Alanea approached.

Akiros turned in surprise at being caught in such a vulnerable moment…even after ‘fleeing’ from Tatzlford he hadn’t gone too far. On the run again, after his past had caught up with him. Akiros had no fight left in him, but he couldn’t stop himself from running what he had done. Akiros was raised in the church, a follower of Balinor from a small city in the country of Aundair and he had fallen in love with a beautiful noblewoman who had loved him in return. On the day he was to be ordained as a paladin of the church he proposed to the woman. What he did not know at the time however…was that the noblewoman was already married. Faced with the choice of accepting his offer or being outed as an adulterer the noblewoman called Akiros a rapist and denied loving him in any way after spitting in his face.

Akiros’ vision went red. He could not face the sudden change in his own reality…and before he knew it the woman and her husband lay dead at his feet. Blood stained the floors of the church of Balinor. Akiros fled his old life that day, and has been running ever since – coming so far as to the ends of civilization in another continent. Having been found, he could run no longer.

Alanea and Boudreaux considered his story…and offered to act as his representative in his trial. They would do the best they could for his crimes, and wanted Akiros to return to his home in Tatzlford with them.

Akrios teared up as he accepted clean clothes and a shaving kit from Boudreaux. “You are the first people in a long time that have always been kind to me. Accepted me as I am, rather than who I was. Thank you.” With Akiros taken back to the kingdom and the preparations for travel back to Aundair underway, it was finally time to take a closer look at the statue of Balinor.

After some proper cleaning and analysis of a new set of runes on the statue, some magical properties were discovered about it. Firstly, the statue would forever be a haven for travelers in the wilderness. An aura of peace and balance would keep angry and hostile beasts from coming close. Not only that, but if a prayer to Balinor is performed by one of the faithful it would grant a hunter’s blessing on all Piercing and Slashing weapons within 60 feet – a blessing that will last for an entire week.

At the next meeting of the ruling council it was decided that both Valerie and Grigori Tulsa would head to Aundair with Akiros to act as his representation during his trial. The goal was to change the sentence of “death” to “exile” in the land of Xen’drik…tricky, but not impossible. But it would also take a significant amount of time. At least a month to travel to Aundair, and at least a month for the trial and then another month to return to the kingdom. If Valerie was going to go, someone would need to take over her seat on the Council at least temporarily. After careful consideration, Mirasandra ir’Thavar the leader of the local group of Flamers was chosen as the Viceroy of the kingdom at least for now.

Between Grigori’s counsel and Valerie’s natural charisma with people (a power she has yet to truly understand herself, though the Plot Twist Card – Pride to give the opposing council a -10 on their Diplomacy check helped as well) combined with some Medani Investigators to dig up evidence about the events of that day all tied in together to make an incredibly passionate and compelling case for declaring the tragic events as a crime of passion.

(The comparison made regarding the opposing council’s lawyer was to go from looking like Miles Edgeworth from Phoenix Wright, to Gil the salesman from the Simpsons)

The verdict was made in Akiros’ favor. The punishment was set to Exile from Aundair, as well as the payment to the family of the noblewoman for damages made to the noble family in the total cost of 8,000 gold. Realizing that Akiros himself couldn’t pay that much, and that it would be unethical to withdraw that amount from the kingdom’s reserves, the ruling council came to the decision (after some correspondence between Valerie and the others via a House Sivis Message Station at their brand new University) to have everyone chip in 800 gold.

Next time on Kingmaker! Waterview continues its growth and holidays loom ever closer…



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