Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 3 Chapter 03 - Pax

Heading back home from there the leaders of the Council had another kingdom turn and quickly added the sunken spire to their lands. Sidney would be placed in charge of exploring this ancient creation and the repercussions of this would be dealt with in the future. After all, if this thing could be repaired and brought back up to capacity…does it really have the ability to create warforged? And if so should they collectively allow the warforged to use it?

The Treaty of Thronehold, which ended the Last War required the destruction of all Creation Forges by House Cannith so that no more Warforged would be created. This act, while intended to help end the war, also pushed many warforged to the banner of the enigmatic figure known as the Lord of Blades who lives somewhere in the Mournland – all due to the fact that he claims to have a working Creation Forge. This could be a great boon, but also a great disaster if not handled carefully.

Regardless of all this, there was the important game of “The Floor is Lava” going on in the main room with Delia d’Cannith and the other members of the ruling council. They were determined to make her an adventurer though Sidney’s views on this possibility were unknown at this point.

There were still a couple of loose threads hanging about, requests from the citizens of Valdrik to take care of. The sap from some Shambling Mounds were sought by an herbalist for cultivating medicinal herbs for healing purposes. There was also more land to explore and claim all along the southern portion of the Narlmarches and the Kamelands (down near where Hargulka’s lair was) so the group set out to do just that.

Heading further south than the Troll King’s Lair they discovered a curious setup in the forest. It looked like someone had created an artificial lake about 120 feet across in the middle of the forest with a tiny spit of land in the very center of it. To the trained eyes of both Lucius and Boudreaux they could see that there were floating bits of moss and plant life floating underneath the surface…not only that but fins glided above the water indicating that there were sharks in the water, though really sharks living in non-salt water was a rather minor bit of weirdness where Xen’drik was concerned.

On the tiny spit of land a soft but hoarse voice called out for help. A lone humanoid figure dressed in some dirty clothes appeared to be trapped on the island. Time to spring into action! …but first to make sure things are safe.
Boudreaux Wild Shaped into a humongous lizard and slid into the water along with Eleanor to try and communicate with the sharks. Unfortunately as far as he managed to get was a rather terrified “HREMLKMDLKFNENRD” from the sharks.

It was about that time that the floating bits of plant life began shambling forward towards the new prey that had entered the water – giving only a moments notice before bursting onto land. Two large Shambling Mounds each carrying terrified flailing sharks at the end of their tendrils! With a collective “What the hell” the battle was joined! Despite their impressive size their slow slow speed proved to be their downfall. One of the Shambling Mounds was quickly dispatched – one of the sharks flying off into the distance while the other began flopping on the ground as the plant membrane dissolved into nothing…this however released the horde of thousands of centipedes from the corpse of the creature that covered both the remaining shark on the ground and the nearby heroes.

At this point Valerie hopped onto Aurum to inspect the prisoner on the island. The man looked as if he was in his late teens, maybe barely twenty years old with slightly green tips at the end of his hair. His hands were in iron chains that were trapped under an iron spike into the ground. Breaking the lock was pretty easy for Valerie at this point. The boy introduced himself as Pax, a part time worker at the library in Waterview. He’d started a couple of days ago…went to bed, woke up here. No idea what happened.

Meanwhile it was becoming increasingly evident that the group was going to need to learn additional tactics to take out swarms. Boudreaux was the only one capable of dealing damage to them with his lightning balls.



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