Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 3 Chapter 02 - What lies in dust

As two red and blue lights began spinning atop the metallic scorpion’s body accompanied by a siren, multiple steel doors opened up at the ground level of the mysterious spire. Four medium sized humanoids stepped forward covered in rusting metal, patchwork wood and an assortment of other materials. Their movements were not graceful by any means with their feet stepping forward through the use of pistons rather than any attempt at realistic humanoid legs. Their fists however were quite capable of crushing skulls.

At the top of the faintly glowing pillar, Dox had been waiting for the others and staying away from the thick of things. This unfortunately worked against her as three of the construct humanoids rose up around her and proceeded to surround her in a hurt locker.

The battle had our heroes outnumbered and spread apart – with Boudreaux, Eleanor, Tarvis and Lucius on the ground level of the area dealing with the constructs and the scorpion itself, while Alanea, Aurum (who recently had a growth spurt) and Dox dealt with the constructs atop the pillar. In the end our heroes were victorious while showing off some new tactical advantages from spells and coordinated maneuvers. Alanea tried her best to piece together what this place was and came to a few conclusions.

First, this place is actually buried. The front entrance to this place is over 300 feet below the surface. A proper excavation would be necessary to return this place to its former glory, a process that could take years if not decades.

Second, the strange runes that cover the blue pillar seem to be part of some sort of power source…or a system of inputting commands to do something. It’s still unclear at this point.

Third, based on the look and actions of the metallic humanoids that attacked them they appear to be ancient prototypes of the modern warforged. How they were created, why they were created, and what the differences are between this discovery and the modern warforged are still gigantic questions that don’t have immediate answers.

Satisfied with the few more bits of information that they gathered our heroes decided to explore a few more areas around their kingdom before heading back to Waterview. They still had a note from the Narthropple Expedition about some “dead horse” found in a location to the north east of where they were…so hey why not finally check that out?

Exploring the forested area as described by the Narthropples it was easy to discover what they were referring to. In a section of the forest our heroes discovered a sinkhole covered in thousands upon thousands of insects swarming and crawling across one another…and at the center of it, the alabaster corpse of a dead horse completely untouched by the bugs. Using some of their rope and an Unseen Servant our heroes removed the body to get a better look at it. Milky white eyes suggest that it was blind at the time of its death. A use of Detect Magic and Blood Biography revealed a few more clues…first off, this wasn’t a horse. It was a Unicorn. And one that had its horn removed…probably why the Narthropples figured it was a horse. It was apparently the guardian of the forest but it was unclear at what point it died though a cause of death was discovered at least. A Death effect killed this creature. Its soul was ripped out of its body killing it instantly. The insects were drawn to this area but the corpse had refused to decompose causing an unnatural situation.

Our heroes buried the Unicorn but decided they may come back in the near future to use some Speak with Dead on the creature.

With this grim discovery, our heroes returned to Waterview to discuss their findings.



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