Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 3 Chapter 01 - Remnants

A new year had started for the Kingdom of Valdrik. After all the adventuring, exploration, and political wheeling and dealing the group wanted to relax for a bit. Slowly the visitors left the fledgling nation and the tallies came in, with the number of people that arrived to see the performance by Basilia Baxton combined with the advertising, construction, ticket sales, and other bits of revenue the kingdom had an unexpected economic boom. (This was the Kingdom Event: Visiting Celebrity with the added bonus of any PC being able to spend 3 Action Points to add 1d6 to the roll, which could also Ace. An expensive cost for a possible big payoff. As a result the group made over 40 BP from the event!)

A month soon went by and a few decisions were made for Valdrik. No longer would there be only 1 recognized Holiday for the year, but a total of 6 Holidays to recognize the different equinoxes and harvest times of the years as well as the yearly founding day. Next was the issue of Akiros Ismort. The Sentinel Marshal was still in town waiting on any official declarations from the rulers…the subject was hotly debated. Akiros hadn’t done anything bad since he had moved to Valdrik but that didn’t change the fact he was wanted for murder in another country. The leaders penned a letter to be sent to Akiros in the small town of Tatzlford explaining that there was a Sentinel Marshal here in the country for him. While they would not outright protect him, they would vouch for him in his defense and seek the verdict of exile to the country of Valdrik. The letter also recommended turning himself in as the best option.

It soon became apparent that Akiros had received the letter, but left the town and has not been seen since.

Next was the two possible contracts they had with House Orien and House Lyrandar. House Orien would reduce the cost of building roads through hazardous terrain, with the requirement that a road built as often as possible (in mechanics terms, that a Road must be part of the Kingdom Building turns as long as it was possible for a Road to be built. House Orien would reduce the cost of different terrains by -2 BP to a minimum of 1). This also required a no-competition clause that would not allow the Kingdom to have business with House Lyrandar for a total of Five Years.

House Lyrandar’s offer, made by Catherine Evered d’Lyrandar (the step-sister of Valorie) was a 25% discount on the building of a House Lyrandar Airship Tower within their capital city. This with the requirement that House Lyrandar would be paid for services rendered over the course of two years (mechanically this would be a payment of 4BP each month for two years – an immediate benefit for longer payments over time).

Korin wasn’t particularly impressed by either offer, and after speaking with the rest of the council agreed to decline the offers and see if either of them came back with another in the future.

With almost a month until it would be necessary to make another kingdom, the council decided to send another investigation team to explore the sunken spire to the west of Waterview. Boudreaux, Tarvis, Lucius, Dox, and Alanea headed out with a healthy dose of rope this time. One use of Resist Fire and a few attempts at unlocking the lid on top once more and the group were on their way down.

As before when Boudreaux had seen the shadowy image of a metallic scorpion our heroes once again ran into the creature. The creature’s eyes bleeped and blooped while flashing multiple colors…it was a language that no one in the group had heard before. However, thanks to Alanea’s Helm of Comprehend Languages the noises signaled a warning – “Leave now. You are trespassing upon this area. Purification will begin in 3…2…1…” and then the tip of the scorpion’s tail sprayed acid at the wild shaped Boudreaux and Eleanor.

Next Time on Kingmaker! What lies in dust



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