Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 2 Chapter 27 - One Year Anniversary

A myriad of visiting officials and dignitaries arrived for the celebration of the one year anniversary of the founding of Valdrik.

Representatives from multiple countries had arrived, as well as many of the dragonmarked houses.

“The Who’s Who list of guests”
1. Maegar Varn, a jolly man with a body to match. The official representative of Cyre as well as from the neighboring village to the east – Varnhold. Interested in the many historical relics that could be unearthed regarding the ancient giant empire he became fast friends with Alanea.
2. Karklos Ir’Ilsir the famed playwright from Stormreach and trainer of Dox
3. Prince Jurian ir’Wynarn the ‘Prince in Exile’ from Aundair, with a love of wine, wits, and dueling.
4. Lord Kor ir’Wynard from Breland, the younger brother of King Boranel.
5. Lady Haydith ir’Wynarn, the 15 year old sister of King Kaius III of Karrnath, living under the care of the Brelish royal family she was here with Kor.
6. Alarich Barthus the VI was listed as a visiting noble from Karrnath and his apparent preference for dark rooms and privacy seemed to point to being an undead of some kind.
7. Cardinal Nystrum Shadar, representing Thrane and the Silver Flame.

From the Dragonmarked Houses…
1. Merrix d’Cannith
2. Delia d’Cannith – Sidney’s absolutely adorable seven year old daughter.
3. Marron d’Cannith – mother of Delia and longtime significant other of Sidney despite not being married much to the chagrin of their families.
4. Sentinel Marshal Endira d’Deneith – a tall short-haired woman with a muscular build, Endira was the only representative of House Deneith to arrive and even that was a formality – as a member of the Sentinel Marshals she was here on official business as well. She was tasked by the government of Aundair to track down a wanted criminal that was believed to have taken refuge in Xen’drik – a man named Akiros Ismort. He was wanted for the murder of two nobles in public in broad daylight…some rather damning circumstances. In a church of Balinor no less.
5. Ryla d’Ghallanda – the only representative of her House, Ryla was here primarily to offer the services of the House of Hospitality to the various natives that were also at the party.
6. Baron Ulara d’Jorasco, the matron of House Jorasco herself visited the fledgling country. The aging matron mostly kept to herself for the evening.
7. Korbek Gedin d’Kundarak, father of Korin d’Kundarak and famous for forging a longstanding alliance with one of the Coin Lords of Xen’drik – Yorrick Amanatu. He was famous amongst other members of House Kundarak for purchasing the land to the eastern part of Stormreach, establishing the area of “Coasthold” where House Kundarak had independent laws there.
8. David Mathieu Evered d’Lyrandar – the stepfather of Valerie, a serious naval officer with a proper attitude at all times.
9. Phagin d’Lyrandar – an older member of the Lyrandar house he has a habit of seeking out ‘lost eggs’ – half-elves outside of the house proper that manifest Dragonmarks and bringing them into the fold. He was the one who discovered Tarvis d’Lyrandar and trained him to be a proper member of the house.
10. Roberta Catherine Evered d’Lyrandar – the stepsister of Valerie and a socialite of privilege, Roberta has been making political waves lately for her savvy business sense especially for one so young.
11. Rikard d’Orien is a rather pragmatic man with no time or interest in the political intrigues of the houses. The representative came only with one question – where are the roads!?
12. Viceroy Morian Shol d’Phiarlan, a veteran elf of the house and organizer of all registered entertainment in Stormreach also attended – which of course meant that House Thuranni did not.
13. The First Stonespeaker Amilene Santor d’Sivis, a middle aged gnome from Stormreach is an approachable fellow with friendly ties to House Kundarak. Initial negotiations were had between him and Tarvis about the establishment of more accurate and faster communication between here and Stormreach/the rest of the world.
14. Durgran ‘Torrn a humorous orc from House Tharashk made sure to meet up with Boudreaux to pass on a letter from the Gatekeepers back in Khorvaire. While not a gatekeeper himself, Durgran is a supporter of their group. The letter discussed the nature of the Big Bad Wolf, more specifically its aspect as an outsider along with tips of how to banish said creatures from Eberron. It also recommended contacting the Greensinger group of Druids since dealing with fae is their specialty.
15. Tyris d’Vadalis the young heir in charge of the Blackbriar estate also attended.
16. To the surprise of many, there was an additional RSCP for the event from the Riedran colony of Dar Qat, the only other colony on the shores of Xen’drik. A Lord Ralastar attended as a representative who had an air about him that screamed “enigmatic foreigner”.

There was entertainment for all, with many back room political conversations taking place amongst the various guests and our rulers. Among the highlights were awkward moments between Valerie and her stepfather and stepsister, Dox dragging Lucius onstage to sing and dance, Korin and his wingman Mikmek playing House Orien and House Lyrandar against one another to try and get the best deal, Tarvis spending time with his mentor Phagin and discussing politics of the house, the news from Marron d’Cannith that Delia will possibly be staying with Sidney for the near future and finally ending the evening with a special concert hosted by the musical celebrity Basilia Baxton. The members of the ruling council were even invited onstage to participate in a dance!

Thus ends our second book as a new year dawns for the country of Valdrik. But what will happen in the future? As new alliances are formed, friendships will be tested, enemies will strike from the shadows, old foes reappear and an ancient evil returns…

(For my players – this is one of the songs played by Basilia during the concert. It was written specifically for this event.)

XP Gained!
Hexes Claimed x4 – 800xp
Kingdom Building – Three Full City Squares with buildings – 6000xp
Wrath of the Scythe Tree – 2000xp
I Swear I’m Sober! – 2000xp
2160xp for Each Character



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