Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 2 Chapter 25 - The Founding of Tatzlford

Kingdom Stats
Economy +44
Loyalty +38
Stability +41
Control DC: 40
Consumption – 0

Waterview (Capital) – Large Town
Tatzlford – Small Town

Army Created – (Placed in reserve)
The Valdrik FIrst
Large Size Army, Human Fighter 2
HP: 16
Offense Modifier: +3
Defense Value: 13
Speed: 1
Consumption: 1
Morale: +0

Commander: Ogg
Flexible Tactics
Bonus Tactic

Army Abilities
False Retreat

Quests Completed
A Lady’s Desire
Hunting the Beast
Troll Slaying
Tomb Treasure

In addition to finding an ancient giant artifact within the old burial cairn, there was also a section of the chambers for a number of ancient elven servants. Picking out a nice piece of elven pottery to bring back with them for Lily Teskertin.

It was once again time to return to the capital to discuss the goings on within the kingdom, share their experiences, and decide what to do next. Another month passed and Valdrik officially founded their second city – Tatzlford. After settling the events of running their kingdom there were three new arrivals within the city.

First was a proud hunter of the lizardfolk tribe they had encountered to the south named Grauk who has come to see what this new civilization is like and act as a representative of his tribe in service to the explorers and rangers under Boudreaux d’Tharashk.

Second was a halfling woman named Lissa d’Jorasco claiming to be a cleric of the sovereign host and personal assistant to Sidney Xavier d’Cannith back in Khorvaire. The gall that the other scions in House Cannith had…asking her to work on AIR CONDITIONERS and STREET LAMPS…completely wasting her talents!

Third was an official notification that there is a noble from Karrnath that was interested in visiting this ‘new kingdom’ and required a place in the castle with a healthy amount of darkness…what with being undead and all. The noble in question had not arrived yet but would be on their way soon…

One month was left until the end of the first year of the existence of Valdrik. One month until the Twelve would be visiting, along with other representatives and interested parties to visit this fledgling nation. Within that time the ruling council had at least one more job to take care of…Candlemere.



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