Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 2 Chapter 24 - Glaive of the Darkest Depths

Fresh from their victory of breaking the curse on the Talonquake our heroes decided to continue exploring the eastern part of the Kamelands, following the map they had found underneath the remains of the Scythe so long ago.

The map took our explorers to a series of rolling plains in the Kamelands, and using the signs of the map quickly discovered what seemed to be an ancient burial cairn hidden within one of the nearby hills. It must have been sealed long ago yet the ever changing landscape slowly cracked open the burial mound…without the knowledge of what to look for a passerby would simply pass it by.

Stepping into the cave and striking a light caused thousands of bats to come streaming out of the entrance! Valerie made a ‘strategic retreat’ from the bats taking refuge behind some trees a few hundred feet away with Bastion swiftly following after.

Boudreaux and Sidney slowly dispatched the swarming bats while Cassie helped with some Alchemists Fire. Ogg decided to take refuge inside the cave itself but didn’t continue down the dark tunnels without his companions…the general was smarter than that.

After the bats had dispersed and Valerie shook off the terrible memories of being locked in the attic by her step-sister Roberta that happened to be full of bats, she returned to the rest of the party and the group headed inside. The writings and symbols on the walls of this cairn indicated it was a remnant of the ancient Giant empire, and that this was the resting place of a decorated military soldier – noting that “Their service was honored in this life and the next.”

There were traps against looters of course and a decaying skeleton lying on top of a pressure pad that would trigger not only strength-sapping mist but also acidic mist. Against Valerie and Sidney however the problem was easily solved. The side rooms had skeletal guardians in worn and rusted weapons and armor but these again proved little challenge to our heroes.

The final area of this chamber however is a different story. A large stone sarcophagus lay in the far area of a rectangular room. As Valerie approached it the lid flew off as an undead giant warrior rose to his feet. Bones flew into the room building undead guards to serve the undead warrior as he spoke out in giant that this tomb would remain undefiled…despite all that Valerie was rather focused on the rather tempting lever hidden within the now opened sarcophagus. Unable to help herself she quickly pulled the lever and with a rumble and shudder the back of the room seemed to almost unfold as a series of stairs appeared leading down into the darkness.

The giant warrior roared in anger at the mischievous half-elf, calling out in ancient giant “Not only is one of the slave race so disrespectful…but you have clearly been tainted by the enemy! You will die here!” Having gained the creature’s undivided attention (Valerie and Dox seem to have this in common) the rest of the group rushed in to try and defeat their adversaries.

The undead warrior wielded a broken greataxe and slammed into Valerie. Bastion quickly rushed to her aid with his shield and sacred abilities, causing another snarl from the giant. “You even use the tools of our enemy. Truly you have fallen far from your path elfling.” A warforged? A tool of the ‘enemy’? Interesting…

Despite its best attempts at cutting down the interloping half-elf and warforged it was destroyed and turned to dust…leaving only its weapon and armor behind. Upon careful inspection the greataxe itself was broken from age and wear…but it was still magical. And apparently the enchantment of Bane against Fey creatures was upon it. A curious circumstance, as this warrior would have been laid to rest not with the weapons he carried in life, but those that would suit him best to defending the site from looters.

Continuing down the revealed stairs led deeper and deeper into the earth with numerous traps, all of which were easily disarmed by Sidney and Valerie. Finally they arrived at a wall of black inky darkness covered in motes of starlight. Touching the wall left small ripples across the surface…it was a portal to somewhere but no idea where it would lead…not only that there were magical defenses placed on the wall. The first defense was to repel any undead that would get near it. The second defense was an exorcism effect that would attempt to expel any possessing forces. Oh not to mention passing through this portal would enact a teleportation effect to…well, wherever it goes.

Sidney strode forth through the portal and found himself in a square chamber…somewhere else. In the center of the room was a weapon, a Glaive to be precise that was placed lovingly on a pedestal easily sized for a giant to wield. Picking up the weapon it quickly resized itself to be wielded by a medium sized creature. Sidney attempted to analyze the properties of this clearly magical weapon and had to shield his eyes so he didn’t go blind from the sheer amount of magical power present in this glaive.

Boudreaux paused to think…he’d heard about something like this before…(His player handing over the Plot Twist Card – Beloved Tale which he had since first level) yeah that’s right, he’d heard some of the elven folklore from members of the House Phiarlan Shadow Circus that stopped by the Shadow Marches in his youth!

Long ago during the height of the giant empire there was a great conflict against a powerful enemy. This conflict was long and arduous, and it was the result of this conflict that allowed the elven people to rise up and gain their freedom. But that is another story. Four great and terrible weapons were created to help the giants against their enemies and this was one of them. This is the Glaive of the Darkest Depths an artifact of ancient Xen’drik and one of the four legendary weapons that make up the Destiny Arms!



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