Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 2 Chapter 19 - Greeting the Neighbors

The conversation with Grigori went about as well as expected, gaining some answers while leaving more questions. The rabble rouser was paid upfront (with a second payment awaiting completion) to sow dissent and chaos in the political landscape of Valdrik by speaking ill of the ruling council.

While Grigori couldn’t confirm who his employer was, since they acted through various agents, he is pretty damn sure it’s someone in the rulership of the ‘neighboring’ kingdom known as Fort Drelev off to the west of here. It was unclear as to whether someone would come to punish Grigori for failing in his mission after this change of heart but that would be another bridge to cross when the time comes…for now things are probably in the clear. It would take some time after all for word to make it back to Drelev that things were calming down…and even longer to determine that the political sabotage had stopped altogether.

Grigori was dismissed and granted permission to stay in Valdrik if he so chose. Now came the time to deal with the other issue. Akiros Ismort was called to see the council the next day who seemed to have little regard for the accusations of drunk and disorderly conduct…no one had been killed after all and not all of the fights had been started by Akiros. The more perceptive members of the council gleamed some information from their talk with him however, by observing his body language there were defining moments in his past that related to a relationship with someone and his personal relationship with Balinor, but those would be subjects for another time.

So, Akiros we’re going to go deal with some trolls. Could be diplomatic, could be physical. Want to come along?

Akiros: “Do I get paid more?”
Sure we can probably give you some extra pay. Maybe a % of whatever we find.
Akiros: “Deal.”

With that the group of Dox, Alanea, Lucius, Boudreaux, and Tarvis along with Akiros headed back out the next day to the location of Hargulka’s lair. The place was naturally hidden, if it weren’t for their insider information it would have been nearly impossible to spot. A simple path leading up a hillside with a shear drop on one side and a rough cliff face on the other were the only defining features of the area. At the top of the area the path turned inward and led to the opening of a great weathered stone building. What might have remained of a doorway had been torn open long ago, and the sounds of giant speak could be heard from inside.

Diplomatic attempts quickly broke down after calling out to the voices inside the stone building and declaring they were “coming to visit their neighbors to the south”. The troll guards quickly realized these were the folks that their lord Hargulka had met with regarding the sootscale kobolds a while back and had been given instructions of how to deal with them…

Trolls and their trollhounds were quickly dispatched however, not able to stand up to the might of the ruling council of Valdrik. Fire, arrows, teeth and blades quickly cut down the first wave of resistance and our heroes made their way deeper into the darkness…

Next time on Kingmaker! The Troll who would be King!



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