Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 2 Chapter 18 - Trolls, Trolls Everywhere

Kingdom Stats – Turn 10
Size –
Loyalty –
Economy –
Stability -

Our heroes had returned to Waterview with their impressive loot in tow. An official counting was made and spread amongst the council.

Korin: I’m proud of everything you accomplished, and the impressive amount of information you brought back for the kingdom…but honestly…did you have to leave a note detailing who we are and where to find us?

There was a momentary quiet at the table. Well…it was the courteous thing to do right? And if something came looking for the treasure they would deal with that when the time came. In the meantime there was a blossoming kingdom to run.

Septim ran the council through the minutes and the goings on of the town…
1. the Kobolds were doing well and integration was slow but steady.
2. Munguk the Hill Giant has been staying near the tavern and brewery – working up a tidy bar tab that may become an issue of contention when it’s time to get him to pay up. The current plan is to have him repay that work at one of the sawmills, using his impressive strength to help with tree removal.
3. Akiros Ismort the ex-bandit and previous lieutenant to the Stag Lord has been getting in a number of drunken brawls lately. No one’s gotten seriously injured so far but the man can be a ticking time bomb. Something should be done about him.
4. The rabble rouser Grigori Tulsa was at it again…he stopped for a bit after the last time there was a public debate between him and Valerie, but was once again speaking out about the dangers of the ruling council running off against dangers in the unknown wilderness of Xen’drik.
5. While there hasn’t been any hostile action taken there have been sightings of trolls throughout the territory of Valdrik that has begun to make the general populace uneasy. Analysis of the sightings seems to be of a scouting nature…or it could be nothing.
6. There was still a number of places in the wilderness to check out…the treasure map they’d found pointing to a lonely barrow somewhere in the Kamelands, the weird white marble spire with the mechanical scorpion, and the rest of the unexplored wilderness.

The council debated and decided that there were two immediate issues that they would focus their efforts on – Grigori and heading back to Hargulka’s hideout to find out just what they’re up to out there. Everyone at the council knew that from their previous encounter with Grigori that the rotund debater had gone sweet on Valerie the leader of the country, except for Valerie herself. After some encouraging from the others they convinced Valerie to try and speak with him about what’s truly going on…

Boudreaux: The safe bet is that Hargulka hired this guy to come cause trouble for us…he did mention that he wanted us out of the country.

Tarvis decided to take some matters into his own hands while Grigori went on his next public speaking event to see if there was anything they could discover about the rabble rouser. Using an Unseen Servant to enter Grigori’s room while room service was changing the sheets, the Servant unlocked the window latch to allow Tarvis entry from the outside who then searched through the bard’s affects. The man apparently kept little personal affects…always traveling light it seemed perhaps in the event one needed to get out of town fast, but it also showed that the man was making no attempts to settle down any kind of roots in the new kingdom. A few sets of clothes, some potions, a couple of books on romantic poetry…hmmm…

Investigating the books unfortunately didn’t reveal any deep secrets save for a few scribbled over attempts at love poems.


Valerie once again approached Grigori as he was finishing up one of his public speeches. The bard was surprised to see the CEO of the Council here once more and that she had apparently decided not to enter into a debate but rather listen to his concerns.

The two spoke briefly and agreed to have lunch together at the tavern to further discuss the current events of the kingdom, where once again Grigori – though with a touch of concern in his voice this time – once again mentioned that it was dangerous for the rulers of the council to go gallivanting off into danger.

Valerie spoke from her heart and as in so many times before it seemed to shine a light upon Grigori to touch upon his compassion for others. Grigori paused (as Alanea’s player handed over the Plot Twist Card – Changing Sides) and placed one hand on Valerie’s warforged hand.

“For someone that has already lost so much, you show such compassion and caring for others. Others that are violent or abrasive to you or your cause. I…I have hurt many people in my time Milady, my words have sowed dissent and anger and betrayal as I have moved from place to place – never staying long enough to see the results of my handiwork. But I cannot continue doing that. Not here, and not to you and your kingdom.”

Grigori stood and placed some gold coins on the table for lunch.

“I will not run, but if you wish me to leave the city I will. I will accept your invitation to see your council and answer any questions you might have.”

With that the rotund bard excused himself and left Valerie to her thoughts. Well, that was one problem down. With the figurative troll dealt with, that left only the literal trolls.

Next time on Kingmaker…questioning the rabble rouser!



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