Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 2 Chapter 17 - A Cave of Wonders

An empty sack dropped from the sky into the middle of our heroes.

A voice called out in draconic from the forest “Pay passage and be on your way.”

A curious situation…but paying bribes for moving through someone’s land – especially when the kingdom builders didn’t consider this land to be owned by anyone. Ogg and Alanea attempted to parlay in Draconic with Dox periodically piping in via her own use of Tongues. No one in the group seemed keen on paying this Drake, especially with the fact that this creature had apparently been harassing travelers from their own kingdom.

The Drake continued its demand. “Pay for passage through this land, by order of the Lord of the Forest – Aeteperax!”

After one too many insults a ball of acid hurtled through the trees and exploded into Ogg’s chest…the acid washing off of the half-orc general thanks to Boudreaux’s Resist Energy, Mass. Ogg’s horse was another story. The Drake took off into the sky and into the distance but not before taking a few arrows to its body from our angry heroes.

Well now the situation had turned…and the druid led the way through the forest chasing down the Drake to its lair. The trail ended at the open mouth of a cave entrance covered by a waterfall. Once more a bag dropped from the sky amongst the explorers – this time containing a small number of items…some coins…a nice set of armor, a weapon and a magical cloak. The voice called out in draconic once more…

“Take it and leave this place.” Funny how quickly a shakedown had turned into a bribe.

Alanea and Ogg once more entered negotiations from beyond the waterfall. They would give the creature from the time it took them to finish lunch to decide if it wanted to leave this land or work out a deal. Boudreaux however was having none of that. His second Resist Energy, Mass would be over if they waited for an entire meal to be done…so rather than wait to give the creature a chance he stepped forward and through the waterfall.

Immediately upon stepping through the waterfall and into the cave the druid could take only a moment to realize that the cave was so much bigger than it seemed, and that there was an angry Drake leaping down from above him to try and take his head off.

Unfortunately for the Drake a single spirited charge from Ogg was enough to pierce its heart and slay the creature. Well, impatience definitely shortened the outcome of this situation. The cave seemed like a sprawling workshop or research station that hadn’t been used in at least a month. Whatever had been living here though was big. A full sized Orrery of the planes of existence was set up in one corner next to a gigantic painting that seemed to be embedded in the very wall of the cave, as if it had naturally formed there. The painting itself depicted a great red star falling from the heavens onto the lands of Xen’drik.

Aside from those two mysteries there were a number of small vegetable patches covering all seasons of planting and growth growing at the same time. And then there was the mountain of coins…gold…silver…copper…platinum and a not-so-insignificant smattering of magical weapons, armor and items. There were at least six other wooden chests completely filled with esoteric books from across the world covering all manner of subjects in the areas of Arcana, Geography, History, Planes and Religion. Two or three of these individual books would be the pride of any library in Khorvaire, and this was a veritable treasure trove of knowledge by itself. Rare books such as The Codex of the Ebon Depths, Grimoire of Impossible Secrets, Kargeth’s Blackest Encyclopedia and a few mentions of something called “The Dark Tapestry”.

Everything was taken, except for the Orrery which the group determined was too unwieldy to carry back to the kingdom. Not one to be terrible explorers since it seemed this area had been abandoned the group left a letter for anyone that would come back to this cave…indicating who they are and where their kingdom of Valdrik could be found.

Surely, this will not come back to haunt them.

XP Gained!
Quest – Where’s Tig? Complete
Quest – That Damn Turtle! Complete
Forest Drake defeated -



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