Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 2 Chapter 16 - Heir to the ancient Empire

The Tannerson family was grateful to have their son back. The trek back to the capital of Waterview was a somber one, with both Boudreaux (reprising his role as the fluffy sheep) and Dox attempted to help shake the boy out of his PTSD state at the hands of the Lizardfolk tribe and their Will-O-Wisp god.

Taking a short time to rest back home, the group then headed out once more into the wilderness. Boudreaux, Tarvis, Alanea, Lucius, and Dox headed around to the eastern portion of the Tuskwater Lake to see if they could resolve this “Ol Crackjaw” problem of a cantankerous old turtle apparently taking up a good fishing spot.

Along the way the encountered more of the strangeness of Xen’drik…a small herd of Gur’kash were traveling the plains near the party and moved past a small hill only for a gigantic stinger bigger than the herd animal to lash out in an instant and pull one into the ‘hill’. Well…there was definitely something dangerous about that. Wouldn’t do to leave some unsuspecting travelers run into this thing.

Charging into battle the ‘hill’ shook off much of the grass and bushes that had been growing on top of its carapace as not one, but four stingers at the end of long tails raised into the air to menace our heroes. With the body of a humongous scorpion but no gnashing teeth or eyes where it should be, the eyes of the scorpion were under each of the stingers atop their respective tales. This creature was officially dubbed a Hydra Scorpion. Despite the multiple lashing stingers and claws the Hydra Scorpion was killed but not without trading a few good blows in itself.

From there the party rested once more and returned to the eastern shore of the Tuskwater – a place they realized they had already explored in fact. The “Super Fishing Hole” was tucked away underneath a small hill with a treacherous out-of-the-way path leading underneath it to a secluded portion of the lake. Boudreaux and Eleanor leapt into the water to meet with this turtle.

The water was murky below the surface and despite being a giant iguana creature through his Wild Shape ability Boudreaux and Eleanor failed to notice the man-sized snapping turtle latch onto his tail and bite down hard. Apparently not hard enough however as the chompers weren’t hard enough to actually draw blood from the druid. Thus began one of the more awkward conversations of our story, as Boudreaux slowly convinced the snapping turtle that it would be best to find food elsewhere otherwise who knows what could happen. You should head west from here, there’s an equally cantankerous old woman that could probably use some cantankerous company. And thus, the old turtle began heading towards the Old Beldame’s location on the opposite side of the Tuskwater…

Satisfied with the outcome our heroes continued south and west below the Tuskwater and came across a stumbling and drunken voice speaking out in the Giant language. Approaching carefully they discovered an honest to goodness Hill Giant stumbling through a forest clearing rambling to himself. The giant, whose name was Munguk told his sad story to the small peoples. Munguk had tried to join Hargulka’s kingdom, figuring that if they were the heir to the ancient giant empire than surely they would want an actual giant to be a part of this. Unfortunately they turned him down and told him to get lost…so the poor hill giant had been wandering the forest looking for booze, companionship, and a means to get even. In that order.

The ale that Lucius and Boudreaux had on hand was enough to peak Munguk’s interest…you have more booze? At a place with lots of smaller people? Interesting…but Munguk has to…work for booze? Not sure about that part. You promise to help Munguk find woman too? Well okay…Munguk like you tiny people. Munguk tired of being pawn…in great game of life.

To their surprise and perhaps a great oversight on Hargulka’s part, Munguk rummaged through his sack of random accoutrements and revealed a crudely made map of some of the nearby area…showing what looked like the location of Hargulka’s stronghold! Munguk departed and with this new information the group began heading towards the location of the self-proclaimed “Heir of Xen’drik” to find out just what they were up against.

Boudreaux became troubled as they were traversing the forest. For the past couple of hours there seemed to be an overbearing presence in the woods as if something were following them…and his hunch was confirmed as periodically the druid could spot a cold lizard eye staring at their group off in the distance, hiding amongst the natural foliage of the forest. They were being hunted by a Forest Drake.

And we will learn our heroes fate next time on Kingmaker…!

XP Gained!
2120XP Each!



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