Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 2 Chapter 15 - Culture Clash

Kingmaker Adventure Log
Book 2 Chapter 15 – Culture Clash
Stisshak, guardian god of the Lizardfolk tribe of Vesket, had been outed for what it truly was – an aberration of nature. A Will-O-Wisp.

The terrifying lizard skull, wreathed in green flames disappeared and reappeared in a moment cackling madly as lightning sparked forth from its mouth nearly frying Dox in an instant.

The lizardfolk village erupted into a battleground as those who had sided with their king and our heroes tried to hold off the attacking forces still loyal to their tribal god. Fires were set. Hunting lizards and crocodiles attacked one another as brother fought brother.

Alanea stuck by the wounded King Vesket, providing some healing as best she could while at the same time casting Heroism on as many of her friends as she could. Even while protecting Vesket she continued trying to find out just what was going on – how long this imposter had been manipulating the tribe.

The Lizard King could only look at the scaleless outsider with sad eyes. “This is perhaps the saddest of all of this. You still do not understand…that is our god. He has been guiding us for over 400 years.” Even with the barest bits of information they had been given regarding this society it made the pieces fall into place. A Will-O-Wisp feeds on fear…this creature, calling itself “Stisshak” came to this tribe so long ago and declared itself one of their guardian ancestor spirits. Anytime the tribe started growing too large or too self-sustaining suddenly there was a call to war or a cleansing of nearby land that always resulted in death and worship.

Stisshak had grown strong through the centuries by this subtle manipulation. And no one in the party knew quite how to tackle this angry ‘god’. It could apparently disappear and reappear seemingly at will…and while both Eleanor and Boudreaux (who had turned into a huge sized Allosaurus) could track the creature with their scent they couldn’t do so reliably and couldn’t pinpoint its location without being right next to it.

It was becoming a slow war of attrition. Stisshak was faster, seemingly immune to magic (such as Faerie Fire which they tried to use to locate it), and could strike from anywhere. The defense of the greater portion of the lizardfolk tribe, the fact that Stisshak could only hunt one person at a time, and the use of Communal Resist Energy – Electricity helped turn the tide in their favor – however it was the foul mouth of Dox that truly managed to change the battle.

With the combined Plot Twist Cards of Festering Insult, Erratic Behavior, and Tranquil Moment the changeling bard managed to strike a nerve with the aberration. Using the language of Aklo, the natural language of aberrations, Dox caused Stisshak to fly into a rage at her use of “Not ending a sentence with a preposition” and began hurling insults one after another…
“I’ll kill you! Kill you all! Before you infect me with your legs!”
“You disgusting mutation of a beautiful creature! Like the result of an irradiated third cousin fucked by a dog!”

Once its focus was placed solely on Dox the creature’s tactics became sloppy. Not caring that it was suddenly grappled in the mouth of an Allosaurus, or caught in a net by Ogg, it continued trying to murder the changeling bard who had created multiple copies of herself via Mirror Image as the one defense she had left against this creature. Finally, the creature was chomped into pieces by Boudreaux’s jaws.

The fighting stopped. The fires died down. The noise settled into the quiet sounds of the distant night. Lucius finished making his way to the second largest mud-hut in the village, finding the young red-headed Tyg Tannerson once again tied up to a torture device. The young boy was cut loose but clearly in shock.
Vesket spoke up to break the silence… “Perhaps it would be best for you and your kind to leave now. Take the child with you. We have some…things we need to sort out.” Vesket gave the group his personal trident…a symbol of the change their tribe was undergoing. “Take the offerings we placed for our fallen god. There are few things as damning as chains that one willingly puts on. But no more.”

Within eight hours the small island of lizardfolk’s entire culture had been uprooted, killed, and buried. As they made their way back to the capital of Waterview with the young boy in tow, Alanea could not help but think of her diplomatic battle with the troll Hargulka.

“Your presence here will damage the native cultures. Destroy their heritage. Leave this place.”

What started as a friendly wave across the river to an unknown village toppled everything that had guided their history for the past 400 years.

3120XP Per Character!



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