Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 2 Chapter 11 - Expansion and Talking Trees

With the departure of Hargulka and his retinue of trolls, Chief Sootscale slowly slid down his makeshift throne as all of the tension seemed to ease out of him. Arranging for both diplomatic envoys to arrive at the same time in order to force the two to sort things out was risky business but ultimately paid off. Not only would the Sootscales be granted citizenship in the kingdom of Valdrik but be given access to things like proper health care, readily available food sources, and modern comforts like beds.

With the diplomatic issues resolved Chief Sootscale invited our heroes to partake of the birthing ceremony. Within the birthing chamber lay dozens of kobold eggs that over the course of the celebration began hatching. Delicious food was served and toasts were made to the uniting of the two tribes for a more beneficial future.

Upon their next Kingdom turn the two bits of map that belonged to the Sootscale clan were officially added to the domain of Valdrik – the landmark of the Old Sycamore (formerly inhabited by Mites) and the abundant silver mines of the Sootscale homeland (a working Silver Mine that counts as a Resource). Sootscale himself was given the title of Viceroy of all Kobolds. Within the two areas under the control of the kobolds, Sootscale would still have primary authority over local laws. After having a meeting of the ruling council, these are the following rules they decided upon regarding the Sootscales.

1. Chief Sootscale would henceforth be known as Viceroy Sootscale of the kobold territories, with the territories of the Old Sycamore and the Silver Mines being granted to Sootscale and his clan as lands belonging to the position of “Viceroy”.
2. Any issues of crime and punishment would be handled by the local magistrate within the kobold territories (either Sootscale himself or someone appointed by him) however people may appeal to the Director of the Interior.
3. Viceroy Sootscale may attend and speak at council meetings though he does not have a vote in ruling matters.
4. Dox will be the direct contact for Viceroy Sootscale outside of council meetings.

A month passed to integrate a small portion of kobolds into the population of Waterview. Their kingdom had grown from a small village into a large town – just on the verge of transforming into a proper city. There was still the matter of tracking down wherever the Big Bad Wolf was hiding, which was likely connected in some way to the treasure map they had created from one of the wolves skin. The group of Boudreaux, Ogg, Alanea, Lucius and Dox decided to head out into the wilderness west of Waterview to begin exploring the area, add new explored territories to their map, all the while following the created treasure map from the fallen afflicted Big Bad Wolf.

Following the path west, and then southwest into the territory that was said to contain a terrible tree monster thanks to the information they traded from the Narthropple Expedition. After exploring the area they discovered the very forest hollow they had been informed about, and all but Dox had been able to pick out the foreboding large tree blending in with the rest of the tall trees. What passed for ‘branches’ were actually four large wooden tendrils with sharp blades blending into the canopy. Alanea and Lucius had heard a little bit about this creature but it was considerably rare. The official term was “Scythe Tree” and it was known to be an intelligent albeit malicious tree capable of understanding both Treant and Sylvan. The other bits of information they had gleamed was a particular weakness to fire and that the tree itself could uproot itself and move under its own power.

While they were discussing what to do about this particular creature…the tree in question was slowly crawling closer in the background of the scene, pausing every time someone looked back at it. However again only Dox was fooled by the ploy and Ogg called out to the creature in Sylvan to attempt to deal peacefully with it. The Scythe Tree paused. It had never run into food that talks before. Well, food that it understood anyway. While Ogg attempted to negotiate a peaceful resolution – that the Scythe Tree could remain here unmolested if it agreed to not eat anything that could speak.

The Scythe Tree on the other hand could not turn down the opportunity to cut up food whose screams it could actually understand. Battle was joined!

Despite the menacing scythes of the tree it became clear it was horribly outmatched. Between the combination of Boudreaux’s multiple flaming spheres forcing it move around the hollow, Ogg’s powerful lance charges aboard his faithful warhorse, and the powerful bardic music of Dox made quick work of the Scythe Tree leaving it a burning mess. Checking the local area they discovered a number of small treasures under the soil where the Scythe Tree had originally been sitting and added that to their treasure hoard.

Continuing to explore the local area…next time on Kingmaker!

XP Gained!
3 Hexes Explored – 600xp
Scythe Tree – 3600xp
Kingdom Size exceeding 10 Hexes – 3000xp
Three Filled Districts – 2000xp

Total for each character: 1840xp each.
Level 6 Reached!



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