Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 2 Chapter 09 - Aftermath

Book 2 Chapter 09 – Aftermath
The surviving members of the Narthropple expedition and the Corax Co. lumberjacks buried their individual dead from the Big Bad Wolf attack. Among the enemy forces, there was one wolf left that still had a pulse. Exhausted and out of magic after the battle our heroes rested for the night at the encampment after ensuring the wolf would be tied up securely (and likely unconscious for the time being).

The surviving wolf had awoken in the morning albeit in human form once more. Despite his capture he seemed perfectly willing to stay where he was, at least for now. Our heroes discussed amongst themselves what their options were…could they get information from this guy? Would any of it be useful? Should they bring him back to town for an official trial?

Lucius stepped up in the interrogation scene since none of the others were really that skilled at it…
Valerie: “I’m more focused on bringing people together, not threatening to tear people apart…”

…to less than ideal results. Without using any silver weapons hurting the wolf seemed unlikely, and torture wasn’t really an ideal solution anyways especially with a Paladin nearby who would vouch for the protection of an enemy combatant that had been taken into their custody. They did manage to get some information from the captive wolf though.

For looking like a man in his 30s, he claimed to be over 50 years old and from Khorvaire originally. He didn’t go into how he got here, or how he met the other wolves just that “sometimes we run into one another and form a pack.” Whoever this man used to be that life was left far behind, he didn’t even remember his name anymore – and told his captors to simply call him “Wolf”. Any threats of incarceration were met with a laugh – the party deduced fairly early on

“It’s true, I was remade by Father Wolf. But he doesn’t lead his flock, nor does he travel with us. Father Wolf does what it wants…and if you’re truly going to try and face him you may as well try and stop a hurricane with your bare hands. He is a force of nature. It cannot be stopped – it simply is.”

Interesting information at least.

Boudreaux in the meantime set to work on restoring Melianse’s trees for her pond which would take at least two days. At the same time, he performed a somewhat grizzly spell ritual on one of the fallen wolves – Create Treasure Map which created a treasure map out of the hide of one of the fallen wolves that would lead to its perceived most treasured possession. The map pointed out further west from the current location.

Once the immediate danger had passed Valerie approached Mirasandra to finally discuss what she had seen during the fight. Expecting perhaps a judgment or a reprimand regarding her aberrant mark Valerie was surprised at the Paladin’s reaction. Sadness, even empathy regarding the weight of such a burden. Appearing almost motherly in her treatment of the young CEO, Mirasandra even wiped some dirt off of her cheeks as Valerie described the fate of all aberrants – to eventually go insane from the power of their mark and be removed from her position. Hopefully before she hurt herself or others.

Mirasandra: “This is not something I can make go away or a burden that I can help you carry – though I would if I could. All I can say is I will be there to talk to if you need someone. I can promise my silence on this subject.”

Valerie: “Thank you.”

Having finally composed himself, the gnome explorer Jubilost Narthropple introduced himself to the group officially – offering his services as an explorer and cartographer. He had been hired by an investor (whose identity has yet to be disclosed) to map out this part of the Stolen Lands and had been doing so when he was stopped by a group of lumberjacks who turned out to be the Big Bad Wolf pack who kidnapped them to keep them as a ready food source. Grateful for still having his life Jubilost offered to sell his services to the council of Valdrik at a discount – for a mere 500 GP per Hex, he and his company would explore an area and report their findings. While they wouldn’t take care of any dangerous monsters there, they would at least make them aware of their lairs if possible.

The group stayed around the lumberjack encampment for another day to ensure their bargain with Melianse was finished (as well as explore the current Hex) – having restored her trees back to their original form. In gratitude for being helpful non-immortal people Melianse said she would keep an ear out through the waterways for any possible threats to the kingdom – increasing the Stability of their country!

Returning to Waterview with ‘Wolf’ in tow the group stopped off for a moment to pick up the Narthropple’s damaged wagon to also bring that back to the kingdom. The offer to allow the expedition to use Waterview as a temporary base was gratefully accepted.

A public trial was held for ‘Wolf’. The council leveled the crimes of murder, attempted murder, assault, and kidnapping. None of these were denied by the accused. Witnesses were called to similarly verify the story. Mirasandra the Paladin recused herself from the trial.

The council made sure during the sentencing that this creature was not being punished for what it was but rather for what it did. There was no crime in being a lycanthrope, or even a “Big Bad Wolf” (though this label was left out during the sentencing) – but if you endanger the citizens of this country you will pay the price.

Having been found guilty, ‘Wolf’ was hung by his neck until dead.

A month has passed since the trial.

Before exploring more into what the plans of this original “Big Bad Wolf” are or where it is the group has decided to do some more research on the matter by exploring whatever information they could find from Stormreach and beyond.

Where to go from here? Next time on Kingmaker!

XP Gained!
1 Hex Explored 200xp



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