Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 2 Chapter 03 - Open the door

Tonight’s session ended up being a bit shorter than normal with answering questions about kingdom building as well as finishing up secondary characters.

Since the group was going out exploring again, Septim dropped off two official requests made by the Kingdom.

There were rumors of two wild beasts in the surrounding area – some large creature that local hunters had only referred to as “Howl-of-the-north-wind”. It was a wily beast that had been troubling local hunters for years…and now with this influx of hundreds of civilians it was in the city’s best interest to take it out before it developed a taste for human flesh. (Quest received!)

Secondly there were reported sightings of a large draconic looking creature somewhere in the Narlmarches forest expanse off to the south west. The rumor (which it hopefully is) is that the creature is not in fact a dragon but merely a forest drake. Deal with it in some fashion. (Quest received!)

With this information in hand the group of Beaudreaux (with his classy lady dinosaur companion Eleanor), Ogg (with his war-trained horse), Cassie, Lucius (with his trained Dragonhawk), and Valerie

(I warned my players now…I may be running an Animal Companion only adventure in the near future.)

Things were looking well as the group explored the nearby area to the east of the capital…well…things went well during the day at least. In the middle of the night while Ogg and Valerie were on watch, Ogg realized that the group was being surrounded by creatures hiding in the tall grass, while Valerie was able to spot the beady glowing eyes of the creatures sneaking towards the camp. Ogg decided it would be best to alert everyone to the danger immediately by banging loudly on his own fullplate armor.

The large wolf-like creatures leapt amongst the camp – five in total. The one with the glowing white eyes staying suspiciously hidden amongst the tall grass. (While no one in the party had the relevant knowledge check to figure out what the things were I’ve acknowledged that they were Worgs in the log)

The creatures began biting and dragging our heroes though not without receiving some counter attacks. Ogg’s tactics advice gave a great advantage during the skirmish, granting everyone around him the ability to make use of the Teamwork Feat: Precise Strike (which even included the Dragonhawk and the Dinosaur companion with their higher-than-normal Intelligence scores…)

The tide turned in favor of our heroes though the great ‘leader’ of the pack remained hidden within the nearby tall grass…at least until the most threatening target made itself known. Beaudreaux wild shaped into a vicious dinosaur – leaping into the air to shred a worg into pieces in moments. As if in response a great wolf like beast strode forward from the tall grass leaving flecks of frost on the ground after each step. Breathing deeply a freezing cold blew across Beaudreaux freezing him to the done – but not killing the shivering druid. Ogg’s plan had come to fruition! Bad leader finally appear on battlefield!

Ogg readied his lance and charged into the beast, wounding it terribly. The combined efforts of the rest of the group brought the beast low as well as the rest of the worgs. The attack was ended…

Well, at least these creatures weren’t those grass-covered tree-striding wolves again. But they certainly had good tactics all things considered. A weird encounter all things considered…

Continuing to explore the countryside…next time on Kingmaker!

XP Gained
Worg – 600xp each x5 = 3000xp
Winter Wolf – 1600xp
Hexes Explored: 2 = 400xp
Current XP total = 1000 each



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