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Campaign Rules
Plot Twist Cards: Kingmaker encourages player involvement and interaction through its expansive sandbox layout and open-world in which to create their own kingdom. To accompany this idea the Kingmaker campaign will be using the Plot Twist and Plot Twist Flashback cards from Paizo.
Every player draws a card each time they gain a level (from either deck but not both). These cards have a mechanical bonus but also suggestions to narratively change a scene. When a player decides to use a Plot Twist card they may use either the mechanical bonus, or the narrative change but not both. While there is no limit to the number of cards a player can have, a player may only use one per round.
For Example:

Bonus Cards: It is possible for players to gain extra cards during the game through various means. For example, writing or recording out-of-game conversations with players between sessions, adding character logs to the Adventure Log, bringing food to the game for everyone to share (Chris this only applies to you if you show up on time and bring food).

The Kingdom of Galifar was the most prosperous nation on the continent of Khorvaire. The descendants of humans who fled the continent of Sarlona in ages past managed to overcome all odds and unite the multiple races, peoples, and cultures of Khorvaire under a single banner.
Galifar was shattered however when King Jarot, the last king of Galifar, passed. Jarot’s five heirs – each in command of one of the Five Nations that comprised the kingdom, refused to bow to tradition. Instead of allowing the eldest scion to take the crown, the siblings rallied their vassals and individually vied to take control of the kingdom. Over time, this decades-long conflict became known as The Last War, for everyone imagined that when it finally ended, the taste for bloodshed and battle would be wiped from the face of Khorvaire.
The Last War ended when the nation of Cyre, once known as the Crown Jewel of Galifar, was destroyed in a single night by an event now referred to as The Day of Mourning. A ceasefire was called and the Treaty of Thronehold was officially signed two years later by twelve recognized nations, ending the war.

It has been four years since the Treaty was signed.
The year is 1000 YK, and it is time for another story to begin…

The Dragonmarked Houses.
Living economic dynasties that helped to shape the course of Khorvaire and serve as the genius behind many of the world’s modern comforts. From transportation such as the Lightning Rail run by House Orien, the airships piloted by House Lyrandar, to the newspapers published and distributed by the gnomes of House Sivis, the impact of the Dragonmarked Houses is undeniable.

Thousands of years ago when the Houses were forming the budding nation of Galifar signed a treaty with the Dragonmark Houses. The Edicts of Korth promised the Dragonmark Houses the protection of the Kingdom as well as a number of provisions that would ensure their continued economic strength. In return, the houses agreed to restrictions on their political power. No member of a Dragonmarked House may own any land, there are limits on the size of house enclaves and the armed forces garrisoned there and no member of either the aristocracy or the houses may be bound in marriage without one or the other giving up all heritage and rights.

However…the Edicts of Korth were signed with the Nation of Galifar. And that nation no longer exists.
There are a number of other loopholes that have become more and more evident to The Twelve – an organization think tank run by the Houses – and it is time that the Dragonmark Houses decide their own fate.

It is to this end that the Twelve has turned their eyes south. The nation of Xen’drik is untamed, unconquered, and home to the untold treasures of lost civilizations. The Edicts of Korth have no power across the sea.

Stolen Land Explorers
You group is but one of four groups chartered by various sources to explore and settle Xen’drik, often referred to as the Stolen Land. This is what you know about the four regions of the Stolen Land and who has been sent to explore them.
The Greenbelt: Dominated by the woodland known as the Narlmarches and the rolling hills of the Kamelands, this region is the one your group has been chartered to explore. Bandits and natives are partifularly rife in this area, and the rumors that they have organized under the banner of a bandit warlord who calls himself the Stag Lord are particularly troubling. You are to explore as much of the northern half of the Greenbelt as you can and, if possible, find out more about this “Stag Lord” and remove the bandit threat from the region. Other rumored problems in the region include a tribe of mites, a tribe of kobolds, mischievous fay and numerous dangerous monsters and wildlife.

Glenebon Uplands: The Lhazaar Principalities sent a relatively experienced band of adventurers into the westernmost reach of the Stolen Lands – an area that already boasts a small ‘kingdom’ called Pitax.

The Slough: The East Sellen River runs through the swamps known as the Hooktongue Slough. Rumor holds that an expedition from the Sarlonan colony in Xen’drik have been sent further inland to colonize this swampy area.

Nomen Heights: The easternmost reaches of the Stolen Lands contain a low mountain range and full of rumored sightings of dangerous tribes of natives. A mix of Cyran refugees and citizens of the nation of Breland were sent into this area.

Kingmaker Campaign Traits
The Dragonmarked Houses employ a diverse group of people who come from all walks of life. The traits presented in this guide are designed to help you customize your character, allowing you to further distinguish him from your standard class, as well as to provide a means to help flesh out his history. Presented here are a number of Campaign Traits that are particularly suitable for characters playing in the Kingmaker Adventure Path.

Campaign Traits
Campaign traits are tailored to a specific Adventure Path and give your character a built-in reason to begin the first adventure in a new campaign. Some campaign traits also grant teamwork benefits if you choose to begin a campaign with a character that has a preexisting relationship with another PC.

Campaign Traits assume a lot more about your character’s backstory, but they are meant to help serve as inspiration for a player working to create a detailed and interesting history for her character. You have a certain amount of leeway in adjusting a campaign trait’s expected backstory once you’ve selected which trait is right for you;just be sure to get your GM’s approval before you run with a modified history.

All of the following traits revolve around characters being connected to one of the Dragonmarked Houses in some way. You can take a look atthese traits to get a general, spoiler-free idea of the types of foes and challenges your character might encounterover the course of the Adventure Path. Knowing that there are going to be elements of exploration, banditry,deception, fey magic, politics, and the like should help you build a character that fits more organically into thecampaign you’re about to join. These traits all lead your character to become interested in an exploratory effort meant to chart the Stolen Lands, an unclaimed frontier ruled only by deadly beasts, lurking monsters, capricious fey, brutal bandits, and creatures of legend.

Bastard: One of your parents was a member of one of the great families of Khorvaire or the Dragonmarked Houses. Yet you have not been claimed, possibly even denied this heritage due to no substantive proof of your nobility, and you’ve learned that claiming nobility without evidence makes you as good as a liar. While you might own a piece of jewelry, a scrap of once-rich fabric, or an aged confession of love, none of this directly supports your claim. Thus you’ve lived your life in the shadow of nobility, knowing that you deserve the comforts and esteem of the elite, even though the contempt of fate brings you nothing but scorn. Whether a recent attempt to prove your heritage has brought down the wrath of a noble family’s henchmen or you merely seek to prove the worth of the blood in your veins, you’ve joined an expedition into the Stolen Lands, hoping to make a name all your own. You take a -1 penalty on all Charisma-based skill checks made dealing with recognized members of the Dragonmarked Houses, or from members of the nobility of your country of birth. Your stubbornness and individuality however give you a +1 on Will saves. (the Charisma penalty is removed if you ever manage to establish yourself as a true noble)

Stormreach Exile: You hail from the port city of Stormreach, a much more ‘free’ and lawless land than the nations of Khorvaire. Built as the only major city on the continent of Xen’drik, Stormreach is built upon the ruins of the ancient giant civilization. Simply claiming to be from a dragonmarked house means little to nothing across the sea. You’ve adapted to the rough life though, and even learned some of their trade. Unfortunately you’ve recently stepped into some trouble, either with the law or with another group in Stormreach and you’re looking to get away to somewhere no one would go looking for you. You begin the campaign with an extra 100gp in ill-gotten gains. You also gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive when dealing with brigands, thieves, bandits, and other shady organizations.

Scion: You officially hail from one of the dragonmarked houses. You embody the aspirations and goals of your house and have the tenacity to fight for your goals no matter the challenge. You care for little more than achieving your aspirations and opportunities to win wealth and grandeur, for which few costs prove too great. You see yourself as a dragonmarked noble through and through. The call for members willing to take the Stolen Lands for the greatness of the houses has inflamed your dreams of profit and possibilities, so you have joined an expedition to quest to Xen’drik. Your agile mind grants you a +1 trait bonus on all Will saves made to resist mind-affecting effects.

Pioneer: (Recommended Houses: Orien, Tharashk, Vadalis) You’ve lived in the shadow of wilderness all your life. It’s been hard, but through hunting, trapping, trading, and coaxing crops from the freezing earth, you’ve learned how to survive on the rugged frontier. With the wilderness ever at your door, you’ve also learned much about its denizens. Whether because of your personal expertise and familiarity with the untamed wild, or some more personal reason you’ve joined the expedition into the Stolen Lands. You begin play with a riding animal appropriate to your house (most likely a horse). Also choose one of the following skills: Climb, Handle Animal, Knowledge (nature), Perception, Ride, Survival, or Swim – you gain a +1 trait bonus on this skill.

Kingmaker Campaign Traits

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