Character Background Questionnaire

Kingmaker Character Background Questionnaire

The following questions are designed to help gain a greater understanding of your character’s background, goals, and motivations in the world of Eberron. Not every question needs to be an answered with an essay, but at least a few sentences if not a paragraph helps a lot. This information helps me as the GM to both understand your character better and to help expand ‘their’ world, and hopefully it helps you understand your own character better as well.

1. What is your full name, and to which Dragonmarked House are you connected?

2. Where did you grow up? Do you have any family?

3. What is your standing in the house? Are you a recognized Lord or Lady with a Dragonmark, or do you simply work a dayjob for one of the guilds?

4. Why are you on the expedition to Xen’drik, and what do you hope to gain from it? Answers to this question can range in extremely different directions. Are you trying to impress someone in your house? Do you have nothing left to lose? Are you hoping to break the conformity of the Dragonmarked Houses? Maybe discover lost technology that will make you a legend among the houses?

5. A slightly different question than the previous one, but what are the personal goals of your character? What do they want to achieve in their lifetime? These can obviously change over time and they don’t necessarily have to be grand in scale either – but every heroic adventurer wants something in their life or why would they become one in the first place?

6. What is something you keep secret?

7. The Kingmaker Adventure Path will eventually allow your characters to start their own kingdom (though they do not know this yet). Given the opportunity to run their own land, how do you believe they would act? Do they want to sit on a throne? Rule from a council? Be the voice of the people? This is an open-ended question and characters can easily change their mind during the course of play – so this question is specifically asking what your character would do with the power to rule as they are at the start of the campaign.

8. Describe an NPC that left an important mark on your character’s life. Are they still alive? How do they know you? How did they impact your life (note: this does not mean they necessarily impacted your life in a positive way)?

Character Background Questionnaire

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