Book 3 Quests

Quests in Book Three are worth 6000xp each

Quests Received

Monster Hunter Part 2
Source – House Vadalis enclave at Blackbriar
Task – Capture or bring back the corpses of the supposed legendary creatures of Xen’drik – Old Silverclaws, Glimmerdoom, The Cinder Sisters.
Reward – ??

Wanted: Manticores
Source – Wanted poster
Task – Local poet Grigori Tulsa wants to write a complex epic using only pens crafted from manticore quills. He wants a healthy collection of quills to see him through his strange project.
Completion – Quills harvested from at least two manticores should be enough to satisfy Grigori.
Reward – In exchange for a delivery of quills, Grigori has promised a payment of a rare book of ancient Halfling poetry worth 4500gp.

Source – Local Innkeeper Beven Armaki
Task – Beven has announced an eel bake, but he’s tired of plain old river eels. He’s heard that the silver eels of Lake Silverstep make for particularly fine dining and has asked for a delivery of two dozen freshly caught eels.
Completion – Catch and deliver 24 silver eels.
Reward – Not only does Beven invite whoever delivers the eels to take part in the eel bake free of charge, but he also rewards the fisherman with a set of family heirlooms: A Mythril Greatsword and a +2 Buckler

Wanted: Spidersilk
Source – Local weaver Chamaie Lerian
Task – Chamaie Lerian has heard that the giant trap door spiders that live in the hills east of the Tors of Levenies spin the softest silk in the area. She asks for a delivery of 50 square yards of good silk harvested from several spider dens.
Completion – One spider den should yield 10 square yards of usable silk; bring 50 yards to Chamaie.
Reward – Chamaie promises a Cloak of Resistance +2 as well as a Handy Haversack as a reward to whoever can supply her with silk.

The Omelet King
Source – Jamery Gerbasken, local chef
Task – Jamery has become well know for his strange food obsessions. His latest is a desire to cook an enormous omelet froma single roc’s egg. If someone can deliver such an egg to him, he’ll organize a huge omelet-cooking competition!
Completion – Deliver one (undamaged) roc egg.
Reward – Not only is the omelet-cooking competition a huge success, but the excitement involved results in a surge of money into the kingdom, increasing the Kingdom’s treasury by 6 BP

A Missing Professor
Source – Jemanda Orlashen
Task – A representative of Morgrave University has come to the Stolen Lands seeking of the institution’s professors, a man named Ervil Pendred. It seems Ervil recently traveled to Varnhold, following up some obscure clue about ancient giant culture, but he didn’t actually arrange for a leave of absence.
Completion – Find Ervil and convince him to return to his job in Oppara
Reward – Jemanda will reward whoever finds the missing professor with a fully charged wand of a 2nd level spell.

Book 3 Quests

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