Book 2 Quests

Quests in Book Two are worth 2000xp each

Quests Received

Source – Wanted Poster
Task – Shambling Mounds aren’t as common in the Greenbelt as they in Hooktongue Slough, but they’re not unheard of. A local herbalist has found that the sap of a shambling mound works wonders for cultivating certain medical herbs, and asks for one shambling mound’s worth of sap.
Completion – Deliver the sap to the herbalist.
Reward – The herbalist can pay 1000 gp for the sap, along with 4 potions of Cure Moderate Wounds

Monster Hunter Part 1
Source – House Vadalis Enclave at Blackbriar
Task – Obtain living specimens of the following animals for House Vadalis to examine – Dream Serpent, Tentacle Spider, Til’Xin Bird, and a Gurk’ash.
Completion – (Gurk’ash and Tentacle Spider captured)
Reward – ??

Completed Quests

Troll Slaying
Source – The Twelve (charter)
Task – In this charter, the Twelve make it clear that the news of a band of trolls based somewhere in the southern Greenbelt has reached their ears. They task the PCs with ridding the area of this menace.
Completion – The death of the troll leader Hargulka is enough to cause any remaining trolls to disperse and seek easier prey elsewhere (many of them in this event head West)
Reward – Once word of the PCs success reaches The Twelve, they are rewarded not only by sending the PCs personally 2,000 gp but also sending an additional support for their kingdom in the form of 10 BP

Hunting the Beast
Source – The Owlbear’s attack on the town!
Task – Slay the enormous Owlbear at area V6!
Completion – Either one month after the Owlbear’s defeat (when it becomes obvious that the peril is no more) or immediately upon displaying physical proof of the monster’s defeat in public (such as the head or claw), the PC’s Kingdom gains the quest reward.
Reward – The destruction of the owlbear brings no monetary gain apart from treasure looted from its den, but the feat bolsters the kingdoms morale, the PCs fame, and the safety of all. Increase Economy, Loyalty, and Stability by 4 and reduce Unrest to 0.

Wrath of the Scythe Tree
Source – Tiressia the Dryad
Task – Slay the Scythe Tree without causing extensive damage to the surrounding forest.
Completion – Kill the Scythe Tree and return to Tiressia
Reward – Tiressia agrees to aid the PCs in guarding the Narlmarches forest and keep them updated about threats within its borders. This grants the nation a +2 bonus to Stability

Northern Howls
Source – Wanted Poster
Task – A ferocious beast stalks the Kamelands! Locals have called the beast “Howl-of-the-North-Wind” and he’s been eating bandits and hunters for years. With the new influx of citizens into the Greenbelt, the ravenous creature needs to be slain before he acquires a taste for the citizenry!
Completion – Kill the beast and display his body at town for the citizens to see.
Reward – The kingdom approves a reward of 1,200 gp to the heroes who slay Howl-of-the-North-Wind.

Replacing Melianse’s Trees
Source – Melianse the Nixie
Task – Melianse doesn’t care how the PCs replace the five trees, nor does she care what kind of trees they replace the felled ones with. She simply wants five trees back to help restore the “balance” of her home.
Completion – Replace the trees.
Reward – Not only does Melianse agree to release the charmed lumberjakcs from her control, she gladly agrees to keep an eye out along the Greenbelt’s rivers for any trouble or rumors of danger, increasing the PCs national Stability by +2

Black Rattlecaps
Source – The Old Beldame
Task – The Old Beldame uses the sporepods inside of black rattlecap mushrooms to brew a potent tea, but the mushrooms are very rare.
Completion – After defeating the hideous guardian of the Mud Bowl, the PCs can harvest several black rattlecaps. The Old Beldame wants as many as they can bring her.
Reward – 100gp for every Black Rattlecap they can bring her.

Forest Drake Hunt
Source – Wanted Poster
Task – Rumors of a dragon haunting the southern Narlmarches are probably (hopefully) overstated. The evidence indicates that the source of the rumors is merely a forest drake. In any event, it’s killing folks and needs to be put down.
Completion – Find a forest drake, kill it, and return to town with its head as proof.
Reward – The Kingdom approves a reward of 1,800 gp to the first group to successfully slay a Forest Drake in the Narlmarches

That Damn Turtle!
Source – Arven the fisherman.
Task – Arven has a secret fishing hole on the east bank of the Tuskwater, but now an ill-tempered beast has claimed the spot. The beast in question is a semi-legendary hookjaw turtle named Old Crackjaw. Kill him! Watch out for his chompers!
Completion – Kill (or drive off) Old Crackjaw from Arven’s secret fishing hole.
Reward – Arven finds all sorts of things, he’ll give whoever helps him a set of Marvelous Pigments he found in his last adventure before retiring to the quiet life of a fisherman.

Where’s Tig?
Source – Tig Tannerson’s distraught parents
Task – Young Tig Tannerson has always been a handful. His hobby of collecting “pets” from the wilds along the riverbanks of the southern Greenbelt has placed him in danger many times, but now it appears he’s really in trouble. Tig has been missing for several days, and his parents are distraught with worry. Finding him will increase the kingdom’s morale.
Completion – Find Tig and deliver him safely home.
Reward – If Tig is reunited with his parents, increase the Kingdom’s Loyalty by +2

I swear I’m sober!
Source – Stas, a local lumberjack.
Task – Stas claims to have seen an spider looking creature the size of a man but with a vicious mouth full of teeth – and to have stuck it with his magic spear. His friends think that he lost his spear in the river and made up the sighting to cover up his clumsiness. The poor lumberjack’s honor is at stake!
Completion – Kill the creature and bring its head back to Stas so he can show it to his friends. That’ll learn em!
Reward – In gratitude, Stas promises his magical Spear as a reward. The only problem? It’s probably still stuck in the critter’s back. (+1 Keen Spear)

A Lady’s Desire
Source – Lily Teskertin teenage Shifter or her father Teras Teskertin
Task – Lily’s always loved the wormanship of fine elven crafting but has never owned an example of such superb work. She’s heard rumors of an old elven ruin in the eastern Kamelands. If anyone could find the ruins and salvage from them an example of elven workmanship, she’d be extremely grateful. Her father Teras however is hoping that Lily chooses a profession that will lead to a more economically productive life rather than one of adventure. Teras won’t deny his daughters request, but he does ask that whatever the group finds – let it be something that can be appreciated as art rather than something dangerous.
Completion – Find an example of fine elven craftsmanship to return to either Lily or Teras
Reward – Lily’s willing to trade her dead grandfather’s old Horseshoes of Speed for such an item.

Book 2 Quests

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