Glaive of the Darkest Depths


+2 Keen Glaive, plane shift 1/day wielder + 5 others

Discorporate Strike: Whenever the glaive strikes an outsider, the creature must make a DC 20 Will save or be forced back to its home plane. If this strike is instead against a possessed creature, that creature and its possessor each take 1d6 points of Charisma damage. If a possessing creature’s Charisma drops below 13, it can no longer use its possession ability. (Moderate abjuration and conjuration, CL 20th)


Description: This glaive has a shaft made of an oily black metal with a spiral pattern running up its length. At the head of the glaive, a broad silver blade ends in a wicked point. No matter what the light, the blade flickers with a dull shimmering radiance. When used to planeshift the blade tears a temporary hole between the Material and Ethereal Planes.

History: Created by the powerful jungle giant necromancer Izzdelth, the glaive was forged for the purpose of combating the enemies of the giants. The glaive also has the ability to transport its wielder and others to the Ethereal Plane.

Glaive of the Darkest Depths

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