The Scaleri Brothers - Troubleshooters

"We'll take any job. We charge by the hour."


Sometimes, working for Tarvis Eathro d’Lyrandar just doesn’t seem worth it.


A business owned by two brothers who specialize in solving problems. With shovels.

Ray and James Scaleri, if those are even their real names, are in fact reformed bandits that were held captive at Oleg’s Trading Post while the scouting party of Valerie, Sidney, Alanea, Tarvis, and Korin were exploring and taming the Stolen Land before the nation of Valdrik was even formed.

Having taken the chance to change their ways the two ex-bandits have so far kept their word and taken up a troubleshooting job in the new kingdom. No job is too menial, and no task worthy enough for these two.

For some reason their weapon/tool of choice is the shovel, having racks of different kinds lining their office.

(Also they’re secretly part of Tarvis Eathro d’Lyrandar’ Spy Network)

The Scaleri Brothers - Troubleshooters

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