The Old Beldame

"No solicitors!"


An old green skinned woman living in a patch of dry dirt in the middle of a marsh.

Rumors abound about the mysterious old woman, known simply as “The Old Beldame” but no one seems to know the truth. Tales of a witch living in the wilderness that eats children and consorts with demons make up the majority of these fables but if any are true it doesn’t seem that way.

Rather, the old woman seems to be just a bit of a reclusive elf that is a little hard of hearing in her venerable years living out her life alone and enjoying the solitude. When referred to as “beautiful” she seemed legitimately offended. While she does not typically deal in gold pieces she does recognize its value with passing adventurers and occasionally makes magical items, weapons, and even constructs such as her fire breathing scarecrow in the front yard.

The Old Beldame’s home is packed from wall to wall with various knick knacks and assorted items gathered over the years with some unknown meaning attached to everything in her home.

The Old Beldame met with the traveling group of Lucius, Valerie, Cassie, Ogg, and Beaudreaux while securing their countries borders and agreed to give them some ‘store credit’ for ridding the nearby mud bowl of the Tendriculos and bringing her an assortment of Black Rattlecap Mushrooms.

The Old Beldame

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