"What a wonderful coincidence meeting you here."


A wanderer with little to no past, this traveler has been making his way across the Kingdom of Valdrik for a number of months and on occasion randomly bumped into Dox on no less than three completely random times.

The fourth time he met Dox, she was accompanied with the rest of the rulers of the kingdom on the Island of Candlemere where he waited outside the central tower that housed the Ebon Mirror leading to the Realm of the Fellnight.

Striking a bargain with Lucius Adelaide d’Vadalis to provide information about the demi-plane in return for the safe return of Rhoswen, Princess of the Fellnight who had been trapped inside the mirror the mysterious stranger waited for the safe return of all.

His face was unreadable as our heroes revealed that while they had managed to bring the princess back with them, she had been transformed into a single red rose that Dox held protectively.

Forcing Lucius to abide by his oath, a few drops of the Vadalis man’s blood (and some of Dox’s) were spread on the rose along with Red’s.

Tipping his hat cordially the man disappeared after that…


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