Namdrin Quinn d'Phiarlan


An accomplished duelist, Namdrin wields the twin weapons Silence and Shadow


The Master of Ceremonies for the famed Shadow Carnival of House Phiarlan, Namdrin had the unfortunate luck to be on his way to a presentation in Valdrik when his wife was stolen away by the Frozen Fae of the Carnival of Tears.

In return for his silence and consent the Fae promised to return his wife after their horrible deed was done. This of course was a lie, as the frozen tear in which his wife was sealed was designed to feed off the soul of the one trapped within.

Considered to be “One with the Shadows” Namdrin is an accomplished performer and has some sway over the forces of darkness itself.

His fate is now left to the rulers of Valdrik, and the others in House Phiarlan.

Namdrin Quinn d'Phiarlan

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