"These mathematical formulas should help predict the supply and demand for the coming season."


Kobold Sorcerer 5 – Kobold Bloodline


Book 1
Mikmek was the only surviving Kobold from the doomed assault of the Mite lair underneath the Old Sycamore. Thanks to the intervention of the PCs (Korin, Alanea, Tarvis, Sidney, and Valerie) Mikmek was not only saved but instrumental in the return of the “Sacred Statue” of Old Sharptooth to the Sootscale Clan.

Mikmek even fought by their side for a time in the weapons and armor from Grabbles, Lord of Mites. Though this was a temporary loan from the group.

Book 2
With the acceptance of the Sootscale Clan into the Kingdom of Valdrik things were looking up for the kobolds. After the destruction of the fake-kobold summoner with the help of the PCs the role of spiritual leader within the group was left vacant – given the sacred garments of the position as well, the Sorceror’s Robe and the All Tools Vest.

Mikmek began exhibiting natural magics that elevated him to the position of the clan’s official arcane master which he has begun to take to heart. The young kobold has also decided to embrace the freedom that has come with the integration of their societies by becoming the personal assistant to Korin d’Kundarak to learn the methods of economics that have helped Waterview grow in such a short amount of time.


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