Lissa d'Jorasco

"Yes Sidney I could heal you from that explosion but you won't learn anything if I do."


Cloistered Cleric 5

Artifice Domain

1. Scribe Scroll
3. Cooperative Crafting
4. (Bonus) – Craft Wondrous Item
5. Craft Wand

Cloistered abilities
Breadth of Knowledge: 1/2 level on Knowledge skills.

Well Read: +2 on Skill/Caster Level/Saving Throws vs. Glyphs, Runes, Scrolls, Symbols and other writings.

Verbal Instruction: Aid Another to assist an ally within 30 feet on a Skill or Ability check. This can apply to an additional person at 6th/9th/12th/15th/18th level.
If all the allies are not engaged in the same activity, this is a Full Round Action and not a Standard.


The ever-suffering personal assistant to Sidney Xavier d’Cannith this book-ish Halfling woman prefers to spend most of her days in a library researching new methods of creating magical items.

It was due to Lissa’s natural inclination towards magic and the holy search for continuing knowledge that a backroom deal was struck between members of House Cannith and Jorasco to unofficially allow this cleric to have an ongoing contract with Cannith for various divine gifts when the need arises.

Lissa d'Jorasco

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