Being a Changeling, giving a physical description of Dox generally involves a bit of guess work in regards to what her ‘true face’ might really be. However, unlike many of her race, she does prefer to spend a decent amount of time in her own shape. The talented actress “Dox of 100 Faces” was, after all, as much a character as any that she played on stage— or more recently upon a seat of the ruling council of Val’drick.

She is of average build for her race, which means a bit lanky and stretched looking compared to humans. Her features seeming unfinished as with most of her race. Something between the smooth flesh of a Doppelganger and the accentuated features of an attractive human woman. As for her lank white hair, she tends to wear it up in a messy bun. An attempt to give it more body and life than it would if left to it’s own devices.



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