David Mathieu Evered D’Lyrandar

A stern and serious businessman of House Lyrandar concerned with making sure his children receive a proper education and a good match within the House


David is a serious half-elf with a mind for business. After his first marriage ended, David spent his time between the House and doting on his beloved daughter Catherine.

Whether it was an eye for unseen potential, pity, love or a mix of all three a number of years later David re-married, adding two new women to his life. Anna Colleen his wife, and her young (at the time) daughter Valerie.

Business kept one or both parents away at various times but Anna and David prioritized the education of their girls to ensure they would have the tools necessary to find their own way in life and within the House.

Over time the Evered family has welcomed three new wonderful children into their lives – Jackalyn Nadia (13 years old), Sara Garnette (11 years old), and Carl Ignatius (6 years old)

David Mathieu Evered D’Lyrandar

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