Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 3 Chapter 09 - Winter is Coming

The Kingdom of Val’drik
Year 2 Turn 9 (January/Zarantyr)
Hexes Claimed.
1. Plains near Svetlanta
2. South East Hex from Candlemere
3. South West of Svetlanta
Hex Improvements.
1. Farm
2. Farm
3. Farm
4. Farm
5. Sawmill
1. Stockyard (Svetlanta)
2. Granary (Svetlanta)
3. Jail (Tatzlford)
Army Created: Small Human Army, The Valdrik Northwatch stationed in Svetlanta.
Event: None
The month of Zarantyr passed fairly uneventfully. Life was going on as normal, with some tensions between the Fae and the logging groups in the Narlmarches forest still tense but eased somewhat through the Pamphlets created by Boudreaux covering some of the basics of mortal/fae relations.
Letters continued to arrive for Alanea on a weekly basis as they have for nearly a year, ever since Maegar Varn attended the founding day celebration in Waterview the gentle rotund historian has become close pen pals with the Medani heir.
The most curious thing however was the flakes of snow that began falling from the sky. It started softly at first from somewhere in the Narlmarches forest. Despite the temperatures being in the 50s and 60s, a constant light snow was falling across the land. While it was melting as soon as it hit the ground the phenomena was still odd.

Year 2 Turn 10 (February/Olarune)
Hexes Claimed.
1. East of Pax’s old cave.
2. South East of Pax’s cave.
3. South West of Pax’s cave.
Hex Improvements.
1. Sawmill, South West of Svetlanta
2. Quarry East of Waterview
1. Foundry (Waterview)
2. Tannery (Svetlanta)
3. Brewery (Svetlanta)
4. Brewery (Tatzlford)
5. Sewer System (Waterview)
Event: Boom Town (Tatzlford – Economy +5 until next Event Phase)
Olarune continued with the expansion of the kingdom despite the falling snow. Many of the heartier beasts and crops that were locally discovered in the Kamelands were naturally resistant to changes in the weather. Tatzlford was actually enjoying a nice bit of publicity along with a new array of logging tools being brought into the village thanks to the constant increases in the number of Sawmills within the forest. Business was booming and new technology from House Cannith would make logging faster and more efficient than ever!
Dox was also in talks with Basilia Baxton to see if she was interested in returning to Val’drik for another founding day celebration. Basilia had been traveling Khorvaire as part of a tour with the Shadow Circus of House Phiarlan (sort of a Ringling Brothers equivalent) but she would see if they were interested in coming along to Xen’drik.
Snow continues to fall…temperatures are hovering in the 40s to 50s.
Year 2 Turn 11 (March/Therendor)
Hexes Claimed.
1. Forest hex that was home to spiders and spider swarms.
2. Hargulka’s lair.
3. The forest hex containing Perlivash and Tyg-Titter-Tut’s home.
Hex Improvements.
1. Sawmill.
2. Sawmill.
3. Sawmill.
1. City Wall (Waterview) Western Side.
2. Cistern, underneath Town Hall (Waterview)
Event: None
The Ruling Council convened to discuss just what might be going on with the continuing strange weather…initially the group just figured, “Hey it’s Xen’drik. Maybe this happens?” but if this weather was going to continue it could be a danger to the citizens and the crops…unfortunately reaching out to Pax did not lead to any useful information either.
Pax: “It’s snowing outside? Hey it’s Xen’drik. Maybe this happens?” followed by a shrug.
The group was also concerned about the Narthropple Expedition…it had been over six months since they had hired the group to explore to the West and try to find Fort Drelev (or as my players have started referring to it, Desert Bluffs). Sidney wasn’t quite up to creating a Crystal Ball just yet, and no one as capable of using a Sending aside from Cassie but even then it would be a gamble. Boudreaux’s Animal Messenger wouldn’t work if they didn’t have a location to go to either. After some thought Sidney popped up from the table. There was one other option they had to try!

Making his way back to the marble tower with the ancient warforged, Sidney remembered they had discovered that strange pool of water that seemed to transport people into other people’s dreams. With a small retinue of other council members, Sidney took a drink from the pool and dropped to the ground.
Sidney walked forward through a land of gray shadows, finally happening upon a door. Entering with a polite knock, Sidney found Jubilost sitting on a comfortable chair in front of a fire with a nice bowl of hot soup. After convincing Jubilost that he was in fact dreaming, Sidney got a bit up to date on what they had been up to. A majority of the land just west of Val’drik was a god forsaken swamp. While they hadn’t found Fort Drelev yet, they’re making good progress at least mapping out a decent swath of the marsh. Jubilost planned to be back within six months or so.

There was one other unsettling event within the kingdom, though this was more of a personal nature. For the past couple of weeks there had been no letters from Maegar Varn…something that was remarkably out of place for the historian.
Silence from the East…and snow continues to fall. Temperatures continue to fall to the 30s. Time to talk to the Old Beldame.

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