Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 3 Chapter 08 - Diplomatic Elections

With their slowly expanding kingdom the ruling council decided they would need a better voice for the people – someone local in each of their cities to be their representative. Basically, they needed Mayors. (While the official title for each of these elected representatives would be ‘Viceroys’ in the mechanics of Kingdom Building within the game itself they are elected Mayors)

Then there was the issue of Pax Tera…whatever he is, it’s clearly not human. After some back and forth discussion (without Dox) between Pax’s demands and their counter offers, an agreement was finally reached. A Caster’s Tower would be built in the capital of Waterview specifically for Pax where he could live and study on his own. As a caveat, Alanea would be the only one granted unlimited access to these books, everyone else would be required to have Pax’s permission. Offically Pax would be held “on retainer” for assistance at the University, being granted Tenured pay and free room and board at his tower. The university would also offer Grad Student credit for assisting Pax with any of his research. The poor bastards.
There was one last caveat of the negotiations. Pax agreed to move into the tower, but also declared that if he were ever to leave…he’d get to take the tower with him. The council agreed, under the stipulation that Pax stayed in the kingdom for at least two and a half years.

Year 2 Turn 7 (November / Aryth)
Hexes Claimed:
1. Bandit Camp,
2. Pax’s Cave,
3. Cavern of the Glaive

1. Farm built at Oleg’s
2. Road built South East of Oleg’s
3. Finished road from Waterview to Oleg’s
4. Sawmill
5. Sawmill

1. Caster’s Tower
2. Town Hall (Tatzlford)

Event: None

Both Waterview and Tatzlford were officially scheduled to have public elections in the month of Vult (December). There were few restrictions as to who could vote, as long as you were a registered citizen of the country and you only voted once.
And within the month the results of the election came in!

The official Mayor of Waterview, to no one’s surprise became Grigori Tulsa whose way with words blew the competition away.

The official Mayor of Tatzlford is the head of the lumberjacks, Corax who the group had met over a year ago dealing with a troublesome fae having charmed halted his progress. The man was gruff, but he knew the locals and would look out for their interests.

Year 2 Turn 8 (December / Vult)
Hexes Claimed
1. Plains
2. Plains
3. Plains (all three near Oleg’s Trading Post)

1. Farm
2. Sawmill
3. Sawmill
4. Fishery
5. Farm

1. Observatory
2. Smithy (Tatzlford)
3. Watchtower (converted Oleg’s Trading post as the new building of their new city – Svetlanta)

Event: None

In addition to expanding their kingdom, they finally created their third city. Converting the old trading post at Oleg’s into an official Watchtower, the group officially named the new town “Svetlanta”



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