Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 2 Chapter 04 Extra

Councilor/Director of Public Relations
Over the past few months your liaisons and contacts from Stormreach and beyond have been helping to spread the hopeful messages of Valdrik and its growing potential. The people are generally happy despite the dangers of living in such a dangerous place as Xen’drik though there are concerns about the potential problems of an increasing Warforged or Undead population. While there are no outright opponents to these declarations so far, there is a tension waiting in the air.

In regards to your PR campaign for Valdrik however there is some surprising news. A letter has been placed on your desk the next time you come back to your office.
“To Dox. I hope this letter finds you in good health. I have been asked by my employer Miss Basilia Baxton to inform you of her desire to throw a benefit concert for the people of Valdrik upon the anniversary of the founding of the nation. I look forward to hearing a positive response and continuing correspondence in preparation for the concert.

Respectfully yours, Mr. Raconteur”

Other rumors of interest.
While your connections in Stormreach initially alerted you to the official founding of Valdrik by the Dragonmarked Houses you were currently attending the parade that the rest of the city was celebrating – a heroic capture of a dangerous Remorhaz by the famous adventurer Castruccio Irovetti. A somewhat famous celebrity around Stormreach the parade was also in celebration of his new venture – heading off into the wilds of Xen’drik to bring peace and prosperity to it.

General/Director of the Military
Your country has yet to form a proper military. Or even a proper militia really. While there has yet to be an organized attack a country without trained soldiers is just waiting for disaster. Thankfully the closest organized group seem to be friendly Kobolds, but the training of House Deneith is sorely lacking in this place. There are a few retired soldiers or Deneith house members within the community – Septim Garess you recognize as carrying a greatsword with the mark of Deneith on it though he seems unwilling to talk about his training or connections with the house.

Your reputation within the kingdom so far is one you are all too familiar with – being underestimated due to your vocabulary and looks. But given time and the opportunity to prove yourself this will change.

Grand Diplomat/Director of Foreign Affairs
You are the head of the foreign policy of Valdrik – and you’re not really sure what to do about it. It’s much easier to deal with books and stories than people but you’re learning fast. The Sootscale clan seems genuinely interested in creating a stable relationship, or even becoming a part of Valdrik but there are a few more cultural hoops to jump through it seems. Integration will be challenging due to the power=right to rule nature of the kobold clan. Can they even be ‘civilized’? Should they be? It’s hard to say.

High Priest/Director of Spiritual Matters
There have been a few religious matters that have popped up since you showed up at this strange new ‘clan’ that have decided to settle down in one place in the middle of Xen’drik.
All throughout your youth your mother explained that you have a touch of the divine within you, though it is unclear what that means. You are only beginning to understand the faiths of these new worlders and how some are at war with one another spiritually. Thankfully this has not broken out into open conflict within Valdrik itself though there is unease by the so called “Worshippers of the Silver Flame” and a relatively small group practicing a faith called “The Blood of Vol”. The majority of the people of Valdrik are worshippers of a group called “The Sovereign Host” that conveniently seems to have deities for almost anything you want to worship.

Magister/Director of Magic and Education
The majority of the growth of Valdrik so far has been based on economic expansion it seems. Farms and homes have been added sure but sawmills, taverns, mines and such have been the focus so far. Your task of creating a working bureaucracy for the nation has been challenging considering your collective offices for yourself and your small team has been a small house in a residential area. Thankfully your nation’s stationary has all been engraved with the image and/or name of your precious daughter DeeDee. It’ll be easy to continue coasting on your laurels for the time being, but people will probably start expecting things like…schools or places of continuing education at some point in the near future.

Marshal/Director of Interior Defense
Strange flora and fauna seem to abound in this place, and its missing a level of class that can only be found at a polite family gathering back at the family mansion. But such a level of class cannot be expected in such a barbaric land. You have a few explorers working for you to help keep track of the kingdom’s borders and check out nearby areas.
Recently you’ve received a few requests to make an official inquiry into “something that ain’t right off in the woods west o here Marshal.” From some of the local farmers.

Spymaster/Director of Intelligence
Your spies and scouts within the kingdom and near its borders – as well as the few adventurers you gleam information from have a few bits of information that have caught your ear. Off to the west of your kingdom a place named “Fort Drelev” has been founded. You’re fairly sure it’s just a more concentrated attempt at creating a stable environment in Xen’drik much like Oleg’s Trading Post but you’re not entirely sure.
Here are a few other rumors you’ve picked up from your network.
1. The Stag Lord has risen from the dead! He’s gathering some kind of ghostly army to take his revenge on everyone from an ancient giant crypt to the east!
2. A green dragon lives somewhere in the Narlmarches, eating anyone it comes across.
3. A hag known as the Swamp Witch lives in a marsh on the northwest shore of the Tuskwater. She consorts with demons, steals children, and boils them in her magic cauldron.
4. There’s some kinda ruin off to the west that looks like it has some ancient elven markings on it.
5. There’s an island referred to as “Candlemere” in the middle of a lake that is connected to the Tuskwater. Strange things happen there…as if the walls between this world and the spirit world is thin there.

Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer
Things are going economically well for the kingdom so far. The dragonshard mine has been safely secured and with a little luck the Sootscale kobolds might be willing to start trading their silver for other goods. The means of producing complex goods is slowly increasing and the strength of the kingdom’s gold coin is still recognized by Stormreach and a few random wanderers through the area. Balancing the books and your second job has been keeping you busy lately but the time and effort will all come to fruition once the brewery you’ve started begins making some good old fashioned dwarven ales and possibly even some new local favorites. Overall things are looking good. However in the near future it may become necessary to start seeking a more complicated place to begin placing some of the kingdom’s coin other than a few secure safes – after all the ruling council is currently just living in residential houses. It works for now, but for how long?

Royal Enforcer/Justice of the Peace
There hasn’t been much serious call for services from one such as yourself so far. A fine country boy with a good eye for raisin cattle an the like an you bring your services to bear as the “Justice of the Peace”. There’s been a few criminal acts within the kingdom – what place doesn’t after all – though nothing as serious as murder or late night phonecalls from angry married couples. Most of your time has been spent coordinating with Dox (Councilor/Director of Public Relations) and Boudreaux (Marshal/Director of Interior Defense) to make sure that the general populace feel safe, happy, and protected. Meeting at Dox’s office has been a little awkward what with some of the singin an dancin but he/she seems like a nice fella/lady. Boudreaux travels the borders and organizes patrols more than you do though occasionally you do ride alongs to check on some of the folks a bit further out at the farms or mines.



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