Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 2 Chapter 02 - We Built This City

GMs Note: Most of this session was spent finishing up secondary characters and making their first few months of Kingdom Building Rolls with some RP in between to reflect on their choices.

(Introduce the new characters on the Ruling Council)

The capital city of Waterview was founded, and after creating a list of names for their fledgling nation, a consensus was reached – they would call their Kingdom “Valdrik”.

With a fiery passion the group organized work schedules with the settlers and began building a new place to call home. Korin led the decision of how their kingdom would expand for now, with the group in agreement that extending their borders to reach the Dragonshard Mine they had found while exploring this area would be highly valuable.

The second month of kingdom building added the Fangberry Bush patch into their territory, as well as building an Inn for their capital as well as a mine in the hills. Unfortunately a rather nasty bit of Xen’drik flora was about to cause trouble for their food stores…a troublesome moss referred to by travelers as “Ration Rot Moss” had a particularly nasty habit of growing quickly and rapidly decomposing all manner of rations. Most of the food stores for Waterview were affected and they faced a shortage for the time being.

The third month of kingdom building continued adding farms to their land especially after the food shortage. Wanting to add some industry to Waterview they also created a Quarry and a Smithy to start being able to produce their own material goods. Later that month, a letter arrived, carrying the official seal of Thrane. A pilgrimage was on its way to their town – a small congregation led by the ordained Paladin of the Silver Flame, Mirasandra ir’ Thavar. The church requested acceptance into their society and the permission to proselytize their faith. In addition, the government of Thrane would foot the bill to build a Shrine to the Silver Flame.
The ruling council accepted, with the understanding that this was not an acceptance of a national religion and the rules of their society would be respected.

The fourth month of kingdom building and the Dragonshard Mine was finally theirs! A mine was quickly built, and additional houses and a brewery were built in Waterview in celebration.
Korin: Money AND booze! My favorite things!
Sidney: Booze! My favorite thing!
In addition to also adding another farm to their kingdom, the druids, rangers, and high priest in the party realized that the bison-looking creatures with rhino like leathery hide seemed to have a supernatural quality to their meat. It did not naturally decompose. Food problems solved!

The fifth month of kingdom building, with the Dragonshard Mine safely added to their kingdom it was probably time to start expanding beyond a single line across the xen’drik countryside. A Sawmill, Fishery, and Tavern were added to the kingdom…
Korin and Sidney: More booze!
Mirasandra approached the ruling council again. Their shrine was serving its needs well and there was little disruption between the citizens of the kingdom and the small flock of Silver Flame faithful…but there was perhaps more to be gained from this relationship. Mirasandra brought an opportunity to the table. The kingdom of Thrane was interested in the continued relationship with the new nation – and wished to offer a show of good faith. Mirasandra hoped for an arrangement. By the end of the year the paladin wished to build a Temple to the Silver Flame rather than have a simple Shrine. The flock of the faithful would be willing to pay for half of the construction if the government of Valdrik paid for the other half. While they would be willing to wait until the end of the year for the construction of the Temple, Mirasandra wanted an official declaration for or against the idea now.

A delicate matter. This affected foreign relations, and religious matters. In the end, Dox/Yalandria the changeling Councilor met with the paladin over the delicate matter. The charismatic bard and diva managed to diffuse the situation – in addition to signing some autographs for the paladin’s acolytes. The option to build a Silver Flame temple would still be on the table but they would revisit the option after the one year anniversary of the founding of Valdrik.

Meanwhile! Alanea the official Grand Diplomat had been visiting the Sootscale tribe in between her trips back and forth to Stormreach – checking in and making sure everything was okay with the kobold clan. Eventually the party hoped to have the Kobolds join their kingdom, but diplomatic relations would have to come first. You can’t rush these things…well, when you’re trying not to just crush another society and make them your vassal anyways. And the kobolds were friends.
The Chief, as well as Mikmek and Nakpik were always happy to see Alanea and informed her they would be celebrating a birthing ceremony soon for the new generation of kobolds. Chief Sootscale would be happy to discuss a more official treaty between the two lands – but not right now. And you should bring all of the liberators of the Sootscale clan to the meeting.

Diplomatic relations were on the horizon…but things are looking manageable for now. However there was an unmistakeable itch to start getting out the door a bit…explore more of the local area.

XP Gained for All Characters
Kingdom Building Achievements Unlocked!
Founding a Kingdom – 600xp each
Establishing a Capital City – 300xp each
Reaching a Kingdom Size of 5 – 400xp each.

Total XP Gained for ALL characters so far = 1300xp.



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