Kingmaker in Eberron

Book 2 Chapter 01 - The Founding of Waterview

The group had just received their new charter from The Twelve. They would be given time, money, resources, and a small group of hopeful settlers to travel with them back to the Stolen Land to found a new Kingdom. Now they found themselves in a quiet meeting room on a privately rented Lyrandar boat slowly traveling up and down the waterways of Stormreach.

The silence was deafening. Seconds ticked by, no one seemed to want to begin the discussion of just how to tackle the monster of creating an entirely new kingdom. They had been traveling, adventuring, fighting and protecting one another for months in the harsh wilderness…but how much did they really know about each other?

Tarvis and Korin quickly began planning what buildings to start building and how to create a successfully growing nation…while at the same time Alanea, Sidney, and Valerie were discussing who could take on leadership roles. Sidney was somewhat distracted by the idea that he wouldn’t be able to see his family for another year while the kingdom was being setup…

Valerie: “That’d be fine by me.” Valerie has awkward relationships with her family.
Alanea: “Why should it matter if you can see them or not?” Perhaps having different, but equally awkward relationships with her own family.
Tarvis: “You don’t want to see your family?”
Alanea: “They don’t really try to see me.”
Tarvis: “I feel kinda bad for you now…”

This was a perfect opportunity for Sidney to pull out his wallet which unfolded onto the ground with multiple pictures. “My adorable little girl, isn’t she just the most precious thing ever!?”

Sidney had a daughter? But he wasn’t married? Scandalous! That’s…hmm…that’s weird.

Right so then positions within this new government…well before we decide on that lets all set some ground rules.

(OOG note – while the Kingdom is still run in a standard ‘monarchy’ with some slight changes the names of the positions are changed slightly)

Name Changes
Ruler – Chief Executive Officer (Valerie d’Lyrandar)
Councilor – Director of Public Relations (not introduced yet)
Grand Diplomat – Director of Foreign Affairs (Alanea Shercroft)
High Priest – Director of Spiritual Matters (Cassie – not introduced yet)
General – Director of the Military (Hroth)
Marshal – Director of Interior Defense (Boudreaux d’Tharashk)
Spymaster – Director of Intelligence (Tarvis d’Lyrandar)
Treasurer – Chief Financial Officer (Korin d’Kundarak)
Warden – Chief Constable (Septim Garess)
Magister – Director of Magic and Education (Sidney d’Cannith)
Royal Enforcer – Justice of the Peace (Lucius d’Vadalis)

Laws of the Kingdom (so far)
1. The Ruler of the Kingdom does not have a hereditary succession. The CEO may be removed from office by a vote of at least 80% of the other high ranking members of the kingdom.
2. Citizens of the Kingdom have the right to own property, which shall not be infringed without proper recompense.
3. All people accused of a crime have the right to be brought before the Warden/Marshal or an appointed official before punishment.
4. A Record of all crimes will be kept by an appointed official.
5. Citizens have the right to personal safety.
6. Slavery is illegal.
7. Indentured Servitude contracts shall be reviewed by the Marshal or Warden for approval.
8. A member of the Board of Directors may step down and appoint an heir to the position, though this may be vetoed with a majority vote.
9. If the position is vacant due to death, crime, or sickness the board can make a majority vote to appoint a new person to the position.
10. The Director of the Military can conscript any able bodied adult for a militia in times of deress. (This is to ensure the kingdom is capable of defending itself until a standing army is formed.)
11. No religion shall be outlawed and free worship is allowed as long as it does not break any other laws.
12. If a detect thoughts reveals a creature to be self aware it is defined as a “Person” and is allowed to be a citizen of the Kingdom – this extends to intelligent undead as well as all Warforged. Final issues of self-awareness shall be left to the CEO with a veto made possible by a vote of at least 80% of the rest of the board members.

All religions would be respected. Even intelligent undead could live here as long as they don’t kill other citizens.

Valerie paused…she had something to reveal to the rest of the party. If they really thought she would do well as the ruler of this new kingdom…then it should be known at least to the other people she had bonded with over the past months. Finally removing the scarf around her neck a glimmering tattoo was revealed. Alanea immediately recognized it for what it was – an Aberrant Mark…in fact it looked like a slightly different Mark of Storm from House Lyrandar…as if two dragonmarks had been smushed together or growing off one another like a strange cancer. From the right angle her tattoo looked like it had a similar pattern to the Mark of Making from House Cannith.

Valerie: “My dad is a human!?”
Tarvis: “Does that make you a quarter elf?”

Somewhat surprisingly, while the acceptance of intelligent undead and full rights for warforged were settled without blinking an eye the fact that their ruler may be an Aberrant caused quite a debate. Korin was all for it – she had at least a good seven years or so before she would go crazy from it. Alanea had no problem with Valerie as long as she had the chance to study her extensively. Sidney offered to begin researching any history relating to Aberrant Marks to see if the whole “people who develop aberrant marks are dangerous, go crazy, and need to be put down” was true or not.

Tarvis, ever the practical one, simply suggested that since they had received their resources from the Twelve they should keep the fact that Valerie has an Aberrant Mark a secret, for now at least. Though he did bring up a point… “Dragonmarks get bigger when they become stronger…if yours grows Valerie, won’t it show up on your face?”

A couple extra days were spent settling affairs in Stormreach…and then they headed back out into the Stolen Lands.

The first order of business was to establish a capital city – and the perfect place to do so was The Stag Lord’s Fort. Within a month the city of Waterview was founded, a number of Houses Built a Farm Started and a Mill built by the waterside of the lake…all just in time to be threatened by a Typhoon! However thanks to the quick thinking of the members of House Lyrandar the buildings were secured just in time and nothing was blown away…

Alanea: “A Typhoon!? Here!? How!?”
Sidney: “Xen’drik.”
Alanea: “Oh…right…”

Next Time on Kingmaker – A Year of Kingdom Building!

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